Sometimes slow to embrace technology

The VIEW from here

I try to be as tech savvy as I can be for someone who was born in the era of rotary phones, black and white television and 8-Track tapes. I’ve always been slow to embrace technological advances. I know these advances are supposed to make my life easier, but I just find myself resistant to change.

It took me forever to change from cassette tapes to CDs. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t until I bought my first car with a CD player in it in 1997 that I started buying CDs.

I never owned an MP3 player until about two years ago, which is when I learned about downloading music.

I never had a cell phone until the events of 9/11 made me think one might come in handy.

I bought my first computer in 1995, got on the Internet in 1997.

I grumbled about switching to digital photography after I spent a couple semesters in college learning to shoot photos with film and then develop them in a darkroom (I bet a lot of kids don’t know what those are).

Even though now I have integrated these and many other modern amenities into my life, I’m still not ready to embrace everything technology has to offer today.

I refuse to download and read books on a computer or a viewing device like a Kindle. I’d rather pick up a good paperback or hard cover book and read it any day. I look at a computer enough every day, at least leave books alone.

I don’t want a GPS unit. I have no need for a GPS. Yes, I get lost sometimes when I drive and no, I don’t stop at gas stations to ask directions. I’ll figure it out like men have for centuries — with a map or by sending a woman in to talk to the gas station attendant.

I have access to DVR, but I refuse to use it. I’ll watch shows others have recorded on our DVR system, but I won’t record them myself. I miss VCRs and setting up the DVR just takes time and effort. With a VCR I just set a timer or hit record and came back later.

I was slow to use chat on the Internet, never got into the whole chatroom thing and while I’ve done MySpace and Facebook, I refuse to use Twitter. I think its because celebrities like Charlie Sheen use Twitter and, well, I’m pretty sure he’s crazy.

I like video games, whether they be on a computer or console, but I don’t like a lot of variety in my games. Just give me a shooter game straight-up, no motion activated remotes, no other gimmicks that require me to stand, swing, jump or run. If I want to do those sorts of things I’ll go outside or to a gym.

I’m not into online dating services. It has been suggested I try one to find a date but I have no interest in letting a computer match me up with someone. I have a buddy who used one of these services and one of the three or four “winners” he met was arguing with him on the phone one day, supposedly 40 miles away and by the end of the conversation he excused himself on the phone to answer a knock at the door — only to find the woman who he’d been on the phone arguing with at his door.

No thanks. Not for me.

So yes I like technology, but only in small doses. If it’s big today, give me 3-5 years and I’ll eventually jump on the bandwagon myself.

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