South parking lot opens, work begins on north lot

FLUSHING — Store owners and patrons can now utilize the newly reconstructed south parking lot in downtown Flushing.

As of press time, the south parking lot was scheduled to be finished with striping and open to the public yesterday. Crews with Eastern Asphalt Company paved the parking lot on Saturday and completed all necessary repairs earlier this week.

In a report to city council at the Sept. 13 meeting, Flushing City Manager Clarence Goodlein stated that the south parking lot project’s initial completion date was delayed due to inadvertent damage to cement curbing and gutters that happened during the grading and land rolling process before asphalt paving began on Saturday. The curb and gutters have since been repaired.

Goodlein said that the project was also set back by weather delays and a back-up with the contractor’s other projects over the summertime. However, crews were able to finish the parking lot before the project’s contractual Sept. 23 deadline.

Flushing City Council approved a bid from Eastern Asphalt in June to reconstruct and resurface the south parking lot bounded by Maple Street, Cherry Street and Mill Street at a cost of $465,420. Reconstruction work began in early August to reduce the parking lot’s steep incline and apply a new asphalt surface.

With the south parking lot now completed, crews have begun working on the downtown north parking lot and the north alley. Patrons are advised to park in the south parking lot, the lot south of Mill Street next to the Flushing A, the lot east of Cherry Street or at the old fire station on Maple Street across from the north parking lot.

The north parking lot and north alley are expected to be finished in October.