Sparty smackdown

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The Michigan Wolverines received a Michigan State smackdown last Saturday afternoon. The Spartans’ defense totally dominated the Michigan offense all afternoon and won this game, 29-6.

U-M’s Devin Gardner was sacked seven times and didn’t know who was going to hit him next. The Wolverines had minus 48 yards rushing! That is totally insane. I don’t think anyone thought the Wolverines would never penetrate the Spartans’ end zone? Did they? I knew the Spartans’ defense was good and they proved it against Michigan. Michigan State has dominated this series, winning five of the last six contests. I think they are no longer the little brother, as Michigan’s Mike Hart once stated.

I wonder how good Michigan State would be this season if they had an average offense? The offense for Michigan State is holding this football team back from being a top-ten football team. The Spartans are on the road to a showdown in the Big Ten Championship game against the Ohio State Buckeyes. I think it has the potential to be a great game, too!

Where does this loss leave the Wolverines’ football team? I think it begins to question whether Brady Hoke is the man to lead Michigan back to national prominence. Hoke is now playing with his players, not Rich Rod’s. He is supposedly getting all these top-notch recruits. Hey, Hoke, time to produce results! I am tired of hearing the word execution every press conference. One more thing: wear some headsets, please! Then you might have a clue about what’s going on instead of being the number-one cheerleader.

Is Devin Gardner the answer at quarterback? I say, no, he is not. He is a bad decision-maker, turnover machine, slow, and can’t read defenses. It’s time to pull the plug and let the hot-shot recruit Shane Morris take the snaps. Let’s see what the young man has for the rest of the season.

This season is shot except for some flea-bag bowl game in Siberia. To quote Mr. Hoke: This is Michigan! Congrats to Sparty nation. You have another year of bragging rights. Green with envy and Blue in the face.

New skipper

Jimmy Leyland is out as manager of the Detroit Tigers and in comes Brad Ausmus. The skipper Leyland took Detroit on three straight October runs into the playoffs. He brought two American League pennants to Detroit. Those both ended up as World Series losses to St. Louis and San Francisco, respectively.

It was time for Jimmy to leave and I am glad he did. I will say thank you for bringing Detroit Tigers’ baseball back to the upper echelon of MLB. Have a nice retirement, Jimmy Leyland.

What are the Tigers getting in new manager Brad Ausmus? Brad played 18 years in the “Bigs” as a catcher and three of those with the Tigers in two different stints. He retired in 2010 and then spent time in San Diego as a special assistant. He is Dartmouth-educated and young at 44-years old. He comes to Detroit with no managerial experince. I see that as a non-issue. I look at the St. Louis Cardinal situation as an example. Mike Matheny took over for Tony LaRussa and led the Cardinals to an NLCS and World Series apperance. He had no previous experience, either. What I think matters is Ausmus played the game and knows the game inside and out. He has a veteran team in Detroit that has a good clubhouse and leadership. Maybe Ausmus hates pitch counts, we all can only hope. Brad’s main job will be to get the most out his players and for them to play hard every single game. The Tigers are in good hands and I love the hire! I can’t wait for spring training to start.

NFL Picks:
MINNESOTA +2.5 over Wash.
Jacksonville +13 over TENN.
Philadelphia + 10.5 over GR. BAY
PITTSBURGH – 4 over Buffalo
N.Y. GIANTS – 7 over Oakland
St. Louis + 10 over INDY
Seattle – 6 over ATLANTA
BALTIMORE + 2 over Cincinnati
Detroit – 3 over CHICAGO
SAN FRAN. – 6 over Carolina
ARIZONA -3 over Houston
SAN DIEGO + 7 over Denver
NEW ORL. -6.5 over Dallas
Miami -2.5 over TAMPA
SEASON; 58-71-5

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