Sports secondary to coronavirus pandemic

Fat Guy Corner



The coronavirus pandemic is still in effect for all of us and has brought the world to a crawl. The times are tough for everyone and the grind will be tough, make no mistake about it. I hope everyone is doing their part to end this nasty coronavirus. The social distancing is a huge part and let’s all hope we can get back to “normal” activities and work as soon as possible. I will say with no sports on television I found this strange lady on my couch. I found out it was my wife and she seems like a nice lady! A little humor, yet not far from the truth in our house.

This past Monday was supposed to be Opening Day in Detroit. This is a National Holiday in the Motor City! I was sitting on my couch trying to think of the last time I missed an Opening Day? The best number I could come up with was over 20 years ago. I rank Opening Day in Detroit as one of my top five events on my social calendar. The fact is, I hang with all my boys for the entire day and talk sports. I would say as you get older you see your friends less and less and that contributes to why I love Opening Day! Oh, yes, let’s not forget the old-time stories from 30 years ago that we have laughed at 100 times over. Of course pieces of the story get added on to make some of them better than they really were! Hey, man, the same story over and over gets boring, right?

I always start at Nemo’s around 9:30 a.m. and stay until game time. Of course in that time span, the boys and I figure out the Tigers’ problems and our fixes for the team. We all play Al Avilia, the Tigers’ general manager. I can argue we could do a better job than worthless Al! We argue the pitching situation and bullpen issues along with who we would trade, plus argue who was traded. Do we like the manager comes next. Yes, sometimes one subject can take up to one hour to argue, believe it or not! The best part is when one buddy goes to bathroom or to get more barley pops and then we shoot down his argument! I will say that not all the time do I go to the game, as weather plays a part for me now that I am older. However, I do say I attend the game eight out of 10 times.

The one game I did not attend is one of my favorite stories. I stepped outside to take a phone call. I heard a lady on the phone saying she couldn’t find any tickets to the game and had her 10-year-old son. I hung up the phone and said “I’ll get you two tickets” of which one was mine and one was my buddy’s. (Buddy was happy too. He didn’t want to go because it was too cold). I have never seen a lady so appreciative. I thought she was going to cry. I’ll never forget it as long as I live.

I have lots of tremendous Opening Day memories and 2020 will be one of them; just not a good one. The beauty of Opening Day is that it doesn’t matter how good your team will be over the summer. It’s about the fact baseball is here, which means warm weather is coming soon and that means summertime. Who knows when baseball will resume in 2020. I will argue it might not return in 2020 if they choose to not play if there are no fans in the stands. I can promise you that if it resumes 162 games is out of the question. How many they play could be as few as 100 games, if you ask me. I personally cannot wait until 2021 Opening Day, as 2020 was a total bust!

What of basketball and hockey?

The NBA and NHL are in limbo as to how their seasons will conclude or if they will conclude. I realize they want to finish their seasons and crown a champion, but is it feasible? I believe both sports could play without fans in the seats. How much enjoyment is that for the fans or the players, though? The answer is zero if my opinion accounts for anything! The unknown is the answer in the sports world and it’s the same in the game of life, too! It stinks. Hang in there and hope this all ends as fast as possible.