Sports takes a back seat to pandemic

Fat Guy Corner



The sports world is spinning along in turmoil along with the entire world due to the coronavirus. The fact is, sports is secondary in the grand scheme of things, as the overall health of the world is obviously number one.

The Fat Guy’s Corner is about sports so we will stick to sports. Let’s start with college basketball since it is associated with March. The plug was pulled on the conference championships right before tip-off on Thursday (one game played a half on Thursday). The canceling of March Sadness, as I now call it, followed soon after.

I felt awful for the college basketball players and their fans. Let’s start with the players first. They practice all season long and play 30-plus games to reach the month of March! The coaches pour their heart and soul into the college basketball season. How about Xavier Simpson, or Cassius Winston, as examples of being seniors and having one last shot at being National Champions denied? I feel sick for all seniors on all the teams. How about a team like Dayton, a non-Power Five team, that legitimately could have won this year’s tournament! How sweet it would have been to see Dayton in the Final Four!

The fans who love college basketball have all been denied the enjoyment of filling out brackets and watching The Selection Show that fans love watching on Sunday night seeing where their team is seeded and what region they play in. All of us suffered this March with the cancellation of college hoops. The noise of the arenas, the upsets and buzzer beaters all will have to wait until 2021. The month of March and basketball has always been number one on my sports agenda actually surpassing the Super Bowl for me. The month of March marched right on out and left a huge sports void for all of us. March Sadness 2020!

What’s next?

The shutdown of all the major sports happened last week and when they resume is anyone’s guess. The Masters has been postponed in golf for now. The Kentucky Derby has been moved from May to September. The NFL Draft will move forward without fans and it will still be televised, thank goodness! The NFL free agency is really the only thing happening in sports that is not dormant. Let’s take a look at the NFL and our lovable losing Detroit Lions and the movement of players.

Divorce for Brady and Patriots

The NFL free agency dating period, as I call it, started on Monday and nothing can be official until Wednesday at 4 p.m. The big news of free agency is the marriage of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots has filed for divorce. The bidding and landing spot for Tom Brady will be an intense one for many Brady fans, and Brady himself. I personally thought he was not returning to New England at the end of the season and am not shocked he is leaving New England. Let’s see what happens to Tom Brady and address his situation next week. I personally think he will land with the Chargers, Dolphins or Buccaneers when it’s all said and done.

Lions make moves

The Detroit Lions have cut ties with Rick Wagner, offensive lineman, who never lived up to his free-agent signing in Detroit. The Green Bay Packers is Rick’s new home. The Lions also let Graham Glasgow walk and he signed a four-year deal worth $44 million with Denver. The Lions added some pieces to the roster in Jamie Collins, a linebacker, at three years and $33 million. The offensive lineman, Halapoulivaati Vaitai from Philadelphia, signs for five years and $50 million. How these help the Lions is yet to be determined.

The other big trade involved Houston shipping DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona for running back David Johnson and a draft pick. What are the Houston Texans doing? I would say the trade looks very lopsided in the Cardinals’ favor. I will get into the NFL next week as the players switch teams the rest of this week.