Spring ahead, fall back?

So, we found in the spring that we were a couple (at least) months behind the curve on this SARS-COVID thing. That Detroit was the third hottest “hot spot” in the country, and the governor responded (sprung ahead) with quite harsh measures to deal with that sky rocketing “hot spot”, using a one size fits all set of measures that applied State wide.

No time for targeted application, the danger from Greater Detroit was just too significant.

As difficult as those measures seemed, they worked!

Perspective: On March 30 we hit 1,000 cases and by April 3 we hit 1953 cases in one day. By mid-April we started to get encouraging numbers (760 on April 19) and sputtered our way forward for the next couple weeks. During May it was clear that the process was working as we were experiencing better news all month, entering June with 135 cases on June 3 and in the next three weeks 125 cases a day were being seen. After the Fourth of July weekend, a bit of a travel related spike was expected but that spike settled down in the 400-500 range. A bit disappointing, but the state was being opened up in many areas also.

That range (with an occasional blip) has provided hope of a “reasonable” life with COVID-19 as we wait for the science to take this stuff out.

However, with some daily numbers now in early August of 800, 1121, 1015 – daily cases (numbers not seen since March 30), are we falling back on our diligence just as schools try to open?

With the track record of this thing, 1,000 cases turning into 1,900 cases in under a week in early April, the government reaction (as seen in Florida and Texas) might just be severe (and reminiscent).

With as good a job as has been done in Genesee County, where with only a blip after the fourth weekend has returned to low teen cases per day (35 out of the last 42 days with ZERO deaths), it would be a real shame to drop your guard for even a moment as we move into the worrisome and uncharted waters in the last quarter of the year (school openings and increased indoor activities among them).

When we talk about this incredible journey in the future, let’s do everything possible to be safe/smart (wear a good mask) and only be talking about the “Fall Back” of 2020 in reference to Daylight Savings changes, not SARS-COVID. — Bud Meyers, Grand Blanc Township