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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

It’s official…Tom Gores is now the owner of the Detroit Pistons. The first official piece of business was to relieve John Kuester (57-107) as the head coach of the Pistons. John could never get Detroit to fire on all six cylinders as a basketball team. Actually, it played like 12 cars with blown head gaskets. Mr. Kuester never could get the veterans to buy in to his basketball philosophies or leadership. I am not blaming him for all the problems, as the talent level wasn’t the greatest talent ever assembled. I would say 50 games under .500 was underachieving, though.

I will point my finger at Joe Dumars for the mess the Pistons are currently in. The players Dumars has acquired are not NBA All-Star talent. The Pistons play no defense anymore, which used to be a staple of Pistons basketball.

Who’s the next coach of the Pistons? I would think the leading candidate is Mike Woodson the excoach of the Atlanta Hawks. Woodson coached as an assistant under Larry Brown when Detroit won the title. I think Mr. Kuester will follow Mike Brown out to the Lakers and become an assistant under Brown once again. I don’t think it will take Pistons brass long to name a new coach. Let’s hope he brings back old Pistons tough defense! That would be a start for me.

A free man

Plaxico (gun in the slacks) Buress was released from prison Monday after serving 20 months. The New York Giants are not re-signing him to a contract. Who will take a shot (pun intended) at his wide receiver services? I think numerous teams will after seeing how Mike Vick has re-established his NFL career. Maybe Philadelphia signs him and the team would become a halfway house for NFL players. We shall see if Plax (hole in his slacks) has any ammunition left in his NFL career and if he can catch bullet passes from a rifle armed NFL quarterback. A 20- gun salute; Plaxico Buress is a free man! Shoot, we missed him in the NFL the last two seasons!

Lord Stanley’s quest

The Stanley Cup finals has been exciting to watch, as Vancouver has won the first two games as they head to Boston for game three Tuesday night. Game two was the second quickest overtime victory in

Stanley Cup history. Alex

Burrows scored 11 seconds into overtime. Boston has come up just short in both games, losing by one goal. Boston won game three Tuesday to pull the series to 2-1 in favor of


Pulling up stakes

The Atlanta

Thrashers have pulled an Elvis Presley and left the building. The Thrashers are now located in Winnipeg, Canada. This is the second time NHL hockey has failed in Atlanta. The first failure became the Calgary Flames. Atlanta is a terrible sports town and doesn’t deserve a hockey franchise anyway. Hockey is in Winnipeg once again.

Blowing smoke

The NBA Finals have been real good basketball entertainment. The Miami Heat blew game two by blowing a huge 15-point lead with seven minutes left on the clock. They blew the game on their home floor to make matters even worse. However, the Heat reheated up in Dallas in game three by winning on the visitor’s home floor. Dallas now needs to win games four and five to have a legitimate shot at the NBA championship. Miami just looks too strong for the Mavericks so far. Miami should be up three games to zip, actually, if not for the fourth-quarter collapse in game two. The fans from Cleveland are not going to be happy to witness LeBron James winning his NBA Championship ring.

Poor, poor, poor Cleveland!

The Tigers have snuck up on the Cleveland Indians due to the poor play of the Tribe. The Tigs currently sit only 2/5 games behind Cleveland. It was only two weeks ago the Tigs were eight games out. All of baseball knew the Tribe would come back to earth after their tremendous start. The bats have been heating up and that is a good sign in Motown.

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