Still able to give thanks despite the tough year

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I’m going to be honest — 2010 was a pretty rough year. I wanted to write a column this week giving thanks for the things that make life worthwhile — much as I did last Thanksgiving — and I found myself having a hard time coming up with something like the silly, funny and often heartfelt list I gave last year.

Life has its ups and downs and 2010 has definitely been down this year. The end of a relationship cast a shadow over this entire year for me and has caused a number of other issues in my life which I’ve had to deal with.

But as I looked deeper for those things I can give thanks for, I found it was easy to go straight to the basic, most essential things in my life: my family.

Without my family — my kids, sister and cousin Brian — I wouldn’t have made it through 2010. So if there is nothing else wonderful about this past year, I have them and I know I don’t need anything else.

I am thankful for my daughter Lucy. This past year she has grown into a fantastic teenager who always makes me laugh with her dry sense of humor and makes me proud with her good grades and her budding athletic and dance talent. She never misses a beat to get in a good joke and understands my personal second language of sarcasm well.

I’m also very thankful for my son, Sam. While his super-charged personality is sometimes exhaustive for the Old Man, he is always

thoughtful, caring and loving. I love leaving my reporter’s notebook in the backseat when he’s riding back there so I can look at it later and find all the pictures he’s drawn and notes he leaves me, like “I love you dad because you take care of us and play with me.” I’m thankful for his love, his success in school and sports and his fun personality that sets him apart from everyone else.

My sister Chris has been great this past year and for all she’s done to help me get through the rough time, thanks sis and I love you.

Thanks to my cousin Brian for putting up with me as a roommate. I know my sense of humor and choices in everything from music to TV viewing are completely opposite of yours, but you got to admit cuz, it’s fun having me around.

I’m thankful for all of our readers who keep on picking up our newspapers every week. I know we don’t make everyone happy all the time, but we try. I’m also very thankful for everyone who reads my column — I’ve said before I love your feedback, good and bad. I’m just glad you all read it.

I guess the one other thing I have to give thank for is finding the ability within to let go of the past and to move on. I think I’ve reached that point and I’m ready to get on with life. I’m hoping 2011 will be a better year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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