Stolen autos recovered

GENESEE COUNTY — Eighteen stolen autos recovered countywide in November 2013 were valued at $222,850, according to a monthly activity report from the Genesee Auto-Theft Investigation Network (GAIN), provided to the Flint Township Board.

The board is a dues-paying municipal participant in the countywide crimefighting program for vehicle thefts and related complaints. GAIN is administered by the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department, and is made up of detectives and support staff from local police departments including Flint Township.

The November report shows four arrests, eight counts charged, two receiving and concealing cases, one title fraud, five miscellaneous felony charges, and four (non-auto recoveries. The value of $46,800 “other” recoveries brings the total recovery value for the month to $269,650.

There were no reports for other categories monitored by GAIN including chop shops busts, odometer fraud, and carjacking.

Also reported were warrants obtained for a subject charged with two counts of insurance fraud, and one count of false pretense valued over $20,000 but less than $50,000 and one count of false felony report. The case was bound over to Circuit Court and Gain is working with the county prosecutor on additional charges and incidents.

Another suspect involved in two GAIN cases reported in November concerned complaints about purchases of five vehicles from Randy Wise Chrysler with a closed account check and a separate purchase of three vehi- cles from Jim Waldron’s with a closed account check. Both complaints are being investigated.

A third investigation concerns a purchase of a vehicle off Craig’s List that turned out to be carjacked in Detroit and the Title altered. GAIN is pursuing a lead on a suspect.

GAIN’s activity record for 2013 is not available yet but in 2012, GAIN recovered

270 automobiles, and 31 motorcycles, 4 wheelers, etc., for a combined recovery value of more than $2,6 million – a a direct benefit to vehicle owners and insurance companies.

Genesee County ranks among the top five counties in the state with the highest number of motor vehicle thefts, according to the Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority

For more information about GAIN or to provide tips about auto theft of fraud, call 810-655-8185.

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