Stolen vehicle recovery report

GENESEE COUNTY — August and September were busy months for auto thieves and GAIN, the county’s auto theft unit, kept busy bringing many of them to justice, according to an activity report provided to the Flint Township Board.

The Genesee Auto-Theft Investigation Network (GAIN) is administered by the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department, and is made up of detectives and support staff from local police departments including Flint Township. The township board is a dues-paying municipal participant.

In August, GAIN arrested 19 suspects and recovered 23 vehicles valued at $142,850, according to the report. Other items recovered were valued at $14,250.

Arrests included four for carjacking, one for operating a chop shop, one for title fraud, two for receiving and concealing stolen vehicles and 12 for unlawfully driving away an automobile (UDAA). Thirteen miscellaneous felony charges were made/

Arrest details include a warrant issued to a subject for carjacking, armed robbery, carrying a concealed weapon and felony firearm.

In September, GAIN detectives arrested 26 subjects and recovered 38 vehicles valued at $289,150. Other items recovered were valued at $20,300.

Arrests included 8 for carjacking, seven for UDAA, one chop ship, one receiving and concealing stolen goods and two for insurance fraud. Twenty-four miscellaneous felony charges were made.

Arrest details include three subjects issued warrants for being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Total value of recovered items for the two months is $466,550.

Township Trustee Frank Kasle asked if the township could expect any funds to return from the recovered goods.

Police Chief George Sippert said no. Recovered vehicles will be auctioned but the proceeds stay with GAIN to be put back into the crime-fighting effort, he said.

For more information about GAIN or to provide tips about auto theft of fraud, call 810-655-8185.

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