Success of last year’s Pink Night Palooza fundraiser raises hope to raise more next year

FLINT — The Hurley Foundation and Financial Plus Credit Union announced Dec. 1 during a press conference that $130,784.14 was raised for Hurley’s Breast Health Navigation Fund through the 2017 Pink Night Palooza event in October, and supporters of the event are gearing up for another successful event next year now!

Hurley’s Breast Cancer Navigation Program is free service to assist breast cancer patients through the oftenlengthy process of testing, treatment and recovery. It also helps cover costs associated with mammograms, ultrasounds and MRIs. Hurley was the first in Genesee County to have a certified breast health nurse navigator.

Several sponsors presented checks at the press conference, including Halo Burger, Dr. Wax Orthodontics and Wade Pyles with Berkshire Hathaway on behalf of Puzzlers Pub. Other significant mini-fundraisers this year include Grand Blanc Huntsman Club and Instalube.

“I’ve had family members who have survived breast cancer,” said Wade Pyles, who donated $7,670.80 on behalf of Berkshire Hathaway and Puzzlers Pub.

“I’m thankful for everyone who supports these efforts,” Pyles added. “I sell real estate for Berkshire Hathaway and come in contact with individuals all the time who have needed breast cancer treatment, and the majority of them survived due to the continuous success of the Hurley program.”

“Working together as a community to support the Hurley Breast Cancer Navigator Program ensures that those affected by breast cancer can live their everyday lives without sacrificing the important things that most simply take for granted,” said Amanda Richie, chief strategy officer for Halo Country LLC, which gave $12,000 at the press conference.

“Who would ever want to have to choose between getting cancer treatment or feeding their children,” Richie asked. “Many people in our community face those exact types of choices every day. Given the choice, nearly everyone I know would help if they were asked by someone in need. The problem is, needs are often behind closed doors and not openly spoken about. The Hurley organization does a great job at working to fill unmet needs and when that happens, we all win.”

Financial Plus Credit Union has been helping raise money for breast cancer since 2007, and partnered with Hurley last year for the first Pink Night Palooza.

“Financial Plus and Hurley both share a vision to host events that would raise money to help local men and women’s fight against breast cancer.” said Kristen Brisbin, public relations specialist for Financial Plus Credit Union.

“We are proud the money raised from Pink Night Palooza stays local and impacts many people within our community,” Brisbin added.

“The effort was tremendous by all our great sponsors,” said Marsha Schmit, RN, BSN, CBCN, Hurley’s Breast Health Navigator.

“We just want to thank everyone for all their time and generous donations to support our Breast Health Navigator Fund,” Schmit added. “All the money raised will go directly to support those struggling with breast cancer and their families. This really makes a huge difference.”

The date for next year’s Pink Night Palooza was also announced at the press conference, which will be Oct. 4, 2018 at Holiday Inn Gateway Centre. For ticket and sponsorship information, contact Elizabeth Wenstrom- Williams with the Hurley Foundation at 810-262-7005 or

“I hope that with more awareness, next year the 2018 Pink Night Palooza Event raises over $250,000 for our community,” Richie said.

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