Summer happenings at Sloan-Longway

Pirate Party for 1st – 3rd Grade at Sloan Museum Date: June 23 Time: 9- 10: 30 a. m. Age: 1st– 3rd Grade Fee: $6 per child, $5 per APHC member child “Ahoy There, Matey’s! Shiver Me Timbers — there be pirates hiding everywhere, so keep yer wits about ye!” Visit swashbuckling stations and search for treasure in Sloan Museum’s courtyard. “Yarrgh!”

Registration is required.

39th Sloan Museum Auto Fair June 25- 26 Time: Vehicle Registration — 8 a. m. Saturday 9 a. m.– 5 p. m. and Sunday 9 a. m.– 3 p. m. Fee: $5 adults, $1 for ages 3– 11. $10 to register your vehicle on or before June 15. $15 to register your vehicle after June 15. This event is a fun-filled two-day show with plenty of music, entertainment, vendors, and of course — automobiles! The Flint Cultural Center campus becomes home to more than 600 of the best-looking cars, trucks, and motorcycles. On Saturday at 5 p.m., Cruise to The Hot Dog Stand in Grand Blanc (additional Cruise car parking at Physicians Park behind). Admission ticket allows you to wander throughout the campus and see the amazing automobile show as well as gain entrance to the museum and gallery.

Camp Alpha Omega for Girls 3rd– 6th Grade at Longway Planetarium Date: June 27– 29

Time: 9 a. m.– 12 p. m. Ages: Girls entering 3rd– 6th grades Fee: $60 per child, $55 per APHC member child Join Longway Planetarium as it partners with some of Genesee County’s best teachers. Explore our planet Earth as guest teachers from the Alpha Omega Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society pull out some of their favorite activities. Limited scholarship funds are available thanks to Alpha Omega. Registration is required.

Level 1 Science Camp for 1st– 3rd Grade at Longway Planetarium Date: June 27– July 1

Time: 9 a. m.– 12 p. m. (Session 1) or 1– 4 p. m. (Session 2) Age: 1st– 3rd grades Fee: $85 per child, $80 per APHC member child Get ready for five days of mind blowing fun. Explore the sun, moon, and stars. Discover the properties of matter. Make a fossil shark tooth necklace. Who will win the Build-it Challenge? Each session is limited to 10 participants. Registration is required.

R2K Rockets for 4th– 6th Grade at Longway Planetarium Date: June 29 Time: 1– 4 p. m. Age: 4th– 6th Grade Fee: $9 per child, $8 per APHC member child Build, design, and launch your own air pressure powered R2K rocket. Send your rocket soaring into the sky. Whose will go the highest? Registration is required.

Microscopes at Longway Planetarium Date: June 30 Time: 1– 3: 30 p. m. Age: 5th– 8th Grades Cost: $10 per child, $9 per APHC member child Visit stations that will help you learn the basics of using a microscope. Learn parts of a microscope, how to prepare dry and wet mount slides and observe single-celled organisms. Registration is required.

Old Time Toys at Sloan Museum

Date: July 2

Time: 1-4 p.m.

Age: For ages 4 and up

Fee: Free with admission

Experience the toys and play-things that kept your great-great grandparents laughing, happy and smiling. No registration necessary. Adults are encouraged to stay and play.

New Educational Outreach Opportunity — Portable Dome Theater

With a goal of $102,000 and donations of $86,056 — only $15,944 is left to raise. The Portable Dome Theater is an inflatable theater and Full Dome Projection System that will allow the planetarium to potentially reach 11,000 more kids a year. The dome can be easily set up in a school gym to help us bring the wonders of science, history, and other subjects directly to students.

To donate, call Linda L. Moxam at 810-237-7382.

For details about these programs call 810-237- 3409 or visit — G.G.

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