Super Bowl sneak peek and Lions news

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The Super Bowl on February 7th will be the Tampa Bay Bucs from the NFC and Kansas City Chiefs from the AFC.

The Tampa Bay team shocked Green Bay at Lambeau Field 31-26 as road underdogs. I missed that prediction as I thought Green Bay would defeat the GOAT Tom Brady and crew. I say, never go against the GOAT! However, I just might in the Super Bowl. But I will ponder that thought next week.

The play everyone is talking about is the decision to kick a field goal with fourth and goal with basically two minutes left in the game. The Packers coach Matt LaFleur made one of the dumbest choices ever! I want you to think of this statistic for one moment. If an NFL team is down 4-8 points with under 2:30 minutes left in game and inside the 10 yard line since the year 2000, the choice was to go for it 65 times and one time kick a field goal (Green Bay on Sunday)! Hey, Matt you have the NFL’s MVP undercenter! What in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks are you thinking? A trip to the freaking Super Bowl was on the line! Oh, you weren’t thinking is the answer or you did not want to go to the Super Bowl? I will not be shocked if Aaron Rodgers leaves the Green Bay Packers this off season to be honest.

The Kansas City Chiefs ripped apart the Buffalo Bills 38-24 last Sunday. The Bills were flat out whipped on both sides of the football offensively and defensively.

The quarterback play of Patrick Mahomes was absolutely tremendous. The Kansas City Chiefs offensively are so tough to defend with all their weapons on the field. I just love watching Mahomes play quarterback for the Chiefs. He absolutely can make every single throw from various angles and can throw it with zip too.

I think the matchup of Kansas City and Tampa Bay will be must-watch television and the ratings will be astronomical. Who doesn’t want to watch a Tom Brady the old geezeer against the youngster searching for Super Bowl win No. 2? I know many will watch because they love Brady and others hate him because he wins so much. I mean 10 Super Bowls for the GOAT is just flat out ridiculous if you think about that for one minute!

I will preview the Super Bowl next week and select my winner.

The Lions are in the news with a new coach Dan Campball and new offensive and defensive coordinators.

The offensive coordinator will be Anthony Lynn, I believe, and the defensive coordinator is Aaron Glenn. I will get into these hires next week.

The Matt Stafford era is over in Detroit also. The Lions coach and new general manager had a meeting and decided mutually to part ways. The money Stafford was due was astronomical. Matt was going to carry a cap hit of $33 million and a $10 million roster bonus in March. I knew at the end of this season he had played his last game as a Detroit Lion.

I personally liked Matthew Stafford as quarterback of the Lions. I feel as though the supporting cast of offensive players were not much help. The offensive line has been weak numerous years as he ran for his life from “Look Out Blocks.” The running game of the Lions has been non-existent for two decades. The carousel of coaches and offensive coordinators were of no help.

The fan base has knocked on Stafford for too many years. Did he have faults and weaknesses? You bet he did. My biggest knock on him is not defeating the upper echelon teams in the NFL. I will never question his toughness or desire to play every single Sunday as he was a true “Gamer.” I really hope Matthew goes to a contending football team to finish out his career. I think the best fit is the Indianapolis Colts and that is where he will sign. I would like to hear from you Lions fans on the new hire and Matthew Stafford situation. I can be reached at