Super explains bad timing of Linden Road construction

FLINT TWP. — Carman Ainsworth Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff stops by the high school every morning on his way to work so he knows first-hand the aggravation parents and students are experiencing while navigating through the construction zone on Linden road.

Construction originally scheduled to begin in early June as soon as school let out did not actually start until mid-August due to a delay in the release of federal funding, Tunnicliff, said during the school board meeting last week.

It helps to explain to aggravated drivers why the road resurfacing was not conveniently done while regular school was not in session. he said.

For the most part, parents and students have shown great patience in the daily trek through a mile of orange barrels lining Linden Road, which is the only access route to the high school.

But they have a ways to go yet with the work not due for completion for at least another month.

Tunnicliff said he has met with township and road commission officials to work out traffic management solutions for the next six weeks or so until the road construction project is finished.

Meantime, to address concerns raised about the inconvenient timing of the construction project, Tunnicliff said he wrote a brief explanation which he planned to post on his new blog and also distribute in school newsletters.

“Major road construction is a “necessary evil” if we want safe and smooth roadways,” he wrote. ” Certainly, all who planned this project understood the impact it would have on our high school and would have liked to have the project completed over the summer.”

He went on to say that the Genesee County Road Commission and the specific Project Manager have done everything within their control to help our high school provide a safe way for students, parents and staff to enter and exit Carman-Ainsworth High School. However, students and parents should continue to plan for changes to available entrances/exits and long delays.

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