Supervisor candidates question claims

FLINT TWP. — Following the questionnaire responses published in last week’s Flint Township View, Shelly King, candidate for Flint Township supervisor, defended herself from comments made by incumbent Supervisor Karyn Miller.

Miller said: “the majority of (King’s) time is spent in the city of Charlotte where she works and resides.”

King said while she works in Charlotte, she lives in Flint Township.

Miller claims an email sent to her by King in 2008 indicated she was available to answer questions about the supervisor’s office and could be reached in Charlotte, where she worked and stayed during the week, or at her residence in Flint Township, which she referred to as her “home base.”

Another claim by Miller in the responses said: “Rather than raising taxes as my opponent intends to do, I propose to implement the recommendations of the recently conducted feasibility study, making changes to become more effective and efficient.”

King said she also does not intend to raise taxes and has never stated she would.

“I have not, at any point, stated that I intend to raise taxes, further, nothing I have ever said could lead a prudent person to that conclusion. What I do propose is to use our tax dollars more wisely and to use the funds generated by the Police, Fire and Road millages as the voters intended, not to supplement pet projects,” said King.

“None of us can promise unequivocally that we will not raise taxes, we simply do not know what the future holds, but what I can promise is that raising taxes will be a last resort.”

Miller said King has made comments throughout her campaign literature stating she will increase public safety, availability, training, staffing and funding.

“All good ideas, all requiring additional funding,” said Miller. “Nothing is free.

You cannot increase services and staffing without paying for it. Nearly 65 percent of the current budget funds our public safety. The township’s revenue is decreasing, while expenses are increasing. The other 35 percent of the budget funds other necessary services and six other departments. There is no funding in the current budget for these increases and the fund balance and grants won’t sustain these increases for more than a year or two.

“To promote an idea without offering a solid plan to fund it is unreasonable,” said Miller. “The only logical source of sustained funding for these proposed increases is by raising taxes.”

King also clarified that in Miller’s statements July 26 it indicated she had extensive experience in the clerk’s office for the city of Charlotte, but added she also worked previously in the Flint Township supervisor’s office as assistant supervisor under the previous administration.

Voters will decide between Miller and King at the Aug. 7 primary election. — Gary Gould, Managing Editor

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