Supervisor resumes control of sewer and water department

FLINT TWP. — Citing “a changing of the guard here,” in reference to incoming newly elected board members, Township Supervisor Karyn Miller, with board approval, has resumed responsibility for the Sewer and Water Department.

For the past four years, Treasurer Marsha Binelli has overseen the department with help from controller Beth Takacs. Binelli lost her position in the August primary election.

With a new treasurer coming in not familiar with how the department works, Miller said she is her asserting her “statutory duty.”

“According to MCL 42.10, it is the Supervisor’s statutory duty to manage and supervise the operation all township utilities,’’ Miller said in a written statement to the board.

The board approved her request 5 to 1 to appoint Takacs as Operational Director of the Sewer and Water Department. Takacs will report to Miller.

Miller also asked that she be appointed as township representative to the Genesee County Water and Waste Advisory Committee and Surface Water Management Advisory Committee, with Takacs as alternate.

Binelli will continue as Flint Township’s representative on the board of Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) until the completion of her term next month, Miller said.

Binelli was absent from the meeting. Trustee George Menoutes, whose term also expires next month, cast the sole no vote against the changes. He questioned why another board member or someone else could not be assigned to the role.

Miller said she did not ask anyone else because she trusts Takacs. Trustee Frank Kasle asked about financial compensation to Takacs for taking on the sewer and water job and whether it would take too much of her time away from her other duties.

Miller said that Takacs is salaried and does not receive overtime pay but will receive a small stipend to assume the operational duties. She said the stipend already is part of the budget.

“You have no idea what it takes to run sewer and water,’’ Miller said.

Miller said appointing a resident or someone else as the Operational Director for sewer and water would require that they know what the job entails. She said the township will have “a lot of beginners here learning new positions.” Four new board members including the Clerk and Treasurer will be joining Miller, Kasle and Barb Vert after the November election.

Incoming Treasurer Lisa R. Anderson is a former longtime risk and benefits manager for Flint Community Schools, prior to her job being eliminated in December 2015, according to her campaign biography.

She is a 1981 graduate of Southwestern High School and holds a Bachelor of Science – degree in Community Development/Public Administration, a Master of Science in Human Resources and a Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management.

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