Support a reasonably priced police department

As a lifelong resident of Gaines Township, I have been participating in my community for over 20 years, as a Trustee, on the Planning Commission, on the Fire Board, and as a citizen.

Like many, I had originally voted against funding township police. Having learned of the need in our community, I became an enthusiastic supporter.

Gaines Township has the same crimes known to any metropolitan area. While I was a trustee, I participated by responsibly funding them and working shifts with the police on occasion. There are a few malcontents (some with their own police records…) who anonymously send out misleading letters and have been known to steal opposing yard signs, who reference “Citizens 4 Awareness.”

This organization does not exist, neither county nor state offices have any record of them. That is illegal, which is ironic as some of those involved fancy themselves as their own potential police. Overspending or malfeasance doesn’t happen on the township level without being revealed to the State of Michigan.

Anyone who is aware knows that townships are audited annually on behalf of the State. For .89 per $1,000 of value, we can achieve a local, effective police department. Please support a reasonably priced police department for the wellbeing of our community. — Lee Purdy, Gaines Township