Surgery prevented commissioner’s attendance for millage vote

I would like to express my most sincere thanks to all my friends and constituents that have reached out or called to express their best wishes and prayers after enduring an emotionally and physically draining surgery.

What was supposed to be a routine surgery resulted in multiple complications and a two week stay in the hospital. I will be recovering from home for the next few weeks after finally being discharged home from the hospital early last week. Before enduring my surgical complications, I did not expect to miss my first few weeks in office, but I am eager to get back to work for the people of Genesee County.

Recently I found it unfortunate that some members of our community insisted on manufacturing controversy for attention. I have always tried to lead without division and act in a way that would never embarrass me and, more importantly, the community that I love. I also never run from tough decisions which is why I’m disappointed that Morgan Jackson would suggest otherwise in last week’s Viewpoint.

What Morgan does not tell you is that by not placing the 911 issue on the ballot, the cost to Richfield Township, would have been over $66,000 for this fiscal year. This was a cost that I am sure Richfield Township did not budget. Davison Township would have seen costs exceed $154,000. The City of Davison would have been burdened with costs of more than $32,000. While I understand the burden that this special election will have on our local units of government, 911 failed to do the right thing by putting the question on the November ballot. This left the County Board of Commissioners with no choice but to call for this special election. Since I was not able to vote while I was in the hospital, my colleagues made the tough choice to do what was right for our residents.

The Genesee Health Systems millage request will be left up to the residents. I understand the burden that many families in our area are currently experiencing. Now residents will have the choice as to whether they want to commit to new funding for Genesee Health Systems.

I’d invite any resident to reach out to my office (810-257-3020 or gpeppin@ if you have questions about where I stand on any issue.

Peppin certainly is “reppin” the 9th District and I will continue to stand for our values over the next two years of my term as your County Commissioner. — Gary Peppin, Davison