Survey deadline in by August 2

GENESEE COUNTY — The Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission (GCMPC) is offering a survey to residents in order to better understand how active living facilities among the county—such as trails— improve communities’ economies as well as residents’ health. The data collected will be used to quantify potential health cost savings in relation to how much is spent on these facilities. The GCMPC aims to then share this information county-wide, with specific results for individual communities in relation to facilities they have. Jacob Maurer, Transportation Planner at the GCMPC, describes a lot of momentum in Genesee County in regards to the production of new pedestrian facilities, and the Commission wants to measure the impact after seeing these new facilities built. The planning department already measures the amount of users on Genesee’s trails and has noticed that new trail extensions increase the number of users. The Commission would like to find out more about how this plays a role in citizens’ health, as well as cost savings, economic impact, and how recreational time is spent in the community. The five-minute survey can be found at TrailBenefits. Responses are due tomorrow (Aug. 2). All information from collected responses will be kept anonymous. — J.A.