Suski Used Car lots closed

Suski Used Car lots in Flint, Holly, Fenton, Mt. Morris and Lapeer were closed over the weekend of Dec. 20- 22.

According to Debbie Stockman, owner of Lapeer Auto and Truck Plaza where Suski Used Cars rented space, representatives of Ally Financial Inc. seized the keys to the dealership’s inventory and posted a security guard at the lot. Stockman said on Dec. 20, 21 drivers from Ally Financial came and took all but seven vehicles from the lot.

When Suski Used Cars opened in Lapeer in April 2012 on the site of the former Victor George Chevrolet, Andy Suski and Phil Goldman, partners in Suski Chevrolet-Buick of Birch Run, said another partner, Ed Usewick, would manage the Lapeer store and they planned to have 100 General Motors, Ford and Chrysler late-model used vehicles on the lot.

Regarding the closure of the Lapeer used car location, Andy Suski told View Newspapers, “We closed the Lapeer lot because sales did not meet expectations. We were working with management there to bring the level of customer service and satisfaction up to my expectations. I expect everything with my name on it to operate at the same high level as our Birch Run location. That did not happen. I told them I would take back my name and my cars and that’s what I did.”

Suski would not comment on the closure of the other lots. He did say that he now has 530 used cars at his Birch Run property and plans to sell them from that location. “I’ve hired nine people — sales and finance people — and we are planning a big sale starting the second week of January.” Suski maintains that his relationship with Ally Financial is sound.

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