Swartz Creek schools not responsive to solar discussion

The fastest growing industry in the State of Michigan is solar. This industry should provide an opportunity for lifelong employment for our youth. Some schools in Michigan are taking opportunities to encourage students toward this technology, as well as saving money. One of the schools in the area that is doing this is Flushing schools.

Two years back, at an award ceremony, I had a conversation with Matt Shanafelt who is the Superintendent of Flushing Schools. They had installed solar panels on all of their schools in 2019. He felt that they had made a good decision. He said that it was saving the school district about $50,000 a year. This will also reduce the need for outside electricity by about 80 percent for the schools. He said they were looking at how to incorporate the solar array into their curriculum. This was all at no cost to the school system.

This and other school districts are forward looking, and their students will benefit. I have made several attempts to contact the Swartz Creek superintendent Ben Mainka about this issue. I have sent him information on the topic. I have received no response. I have lived in Swartz Creek since 1991. My son went his entire school career to Swartz Creek schools. I am very disappointed at the lack of response. — Mike Buza, Chair, Sierra Club: Nepessing Group, Swartz Creek