Swim, racquet club offers fun

SWARTZ CREEK — Residents of Swartz Creek looking for summer activity might do well to look into the Flint Swim and Racquet Club.

The club has been in operation since 1967, and offers swim and tennis lessons, in addition to allowing members full use of the facilities.

“It’s a great place to spend the summer,” said club manager Ann Plamondon. The club opens Memorial weekend and stays open through Labor Day. The club has a swim team and offers tennis classes, and the facility has a pool and eight regulation sized tennis courts.

Plamondon said she thinks the facilities are not the sole reason people come to the club.

“As I mentioned it is not the facility that draws people back each year, it is the people and the activities,” said Plamondon.

The club has had dances for kids, Fourth of July parties, capture the flag nights, and other diverse events in which members can participate.

The club has run into financial issues in the past, but under Plamondon’s management it has prospered.

Plamondon attributes much of this success to members coming together and doing much of the work as volunteers, such as the clean-up days where members of the club clean as much of the facility as they can.

Plamondon said the club has found success through plenty of hard work, fundraising, and some creative thinking. She herself offered to become the club manager as a volunteer some time after becoming a member in 2002.

The club is meant to be a safe, open place, especially for children. There are plenty of things for children to do at the club.

“Once you get there, and you meet people, it’s just a comforting place to have your kids in the summer. They always find something to do.,” said Plamondon.

The facility is located at 1126 North Elms Rd.

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