Swing and a miss on MSU

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I predicted in last week’s column that the Michigan State Spartans would roll the Northwestern Wildcats last Saturday afternoon. The Fat Guy whiffed big time on that prediction, as the Wildcats came in and pulled off the 29-19 upset.

The Wildcat quarterback, Clayton Thorson, threw for 373 yards and three touchdowns. The Michigan State football team does not look that good to me so far this season. I figured with all the returning starters coming back from a 10-win football team they would be better. Yes, they have suffered some injuries, but what team doesn’t have injuries? I think the offense needs to pick up the slack and play better if this team is to right the ship. The ship needs a captain, and soon, because the Penn State Nittany Lions are up next.

Penn State will be angry after blowing the game against the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Penn State team will also be off its bye week so it will be rested and ready for this gridiron battle. The kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. I like Penn State playing at home to win this football game. The prediction is “No White Out Needed This Week” 30 and “Sparty Party Will Have To Wait” 20.

Out on a limb with Michigan

The Wolverines disposed of the Maryland “Turtles” last Saturday as predicted. I know, I went out on a fat limb, didn’t I? The Big House will feature a night game Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. on ABC. The opponent is the pesky Wisconsin Badgers. The odds makers in Vegas have installed the Wolverines as a touchdown favorite to win this game. I say they are crazy, as the game will be much closer than they think. The running games are how both teams want to win. They both will pound the rock and be stubborn about. I think the team that runs the ball for the most yards will come out victorious. The Wisconsin quarterback will not scare any team with his passing ability. A defensive battle looms and winning in the trenches is very important. The prediction is Stubborn Harbaugh 23 and Bucky the Badger 21.

The Pack gives back

The Lions inch one game closer to .500 at 2-3 with a victory over the “Moldy Cheeseheads” of Green Bay 31-23. The Lions will send a thank you card to Mason Crosby, who missed four field goals and an extra point. Can you believe a NFL kicker indoors missed that many attempts? I just shake my head at that. Let’s toss in the two fumbles Discount Double Check Aaron Rodgers contributed to the Lions cause and Detroit should have won this football game! How many times, though, have we seen the Lions lose gift-wrapped games? I can’t count that high, either. Hey, a win is a win in the NFL, no matter how you get it. The Lovable Lions head into the bye on a high note and right back in the wide open NFC North. The Lions’ next game after the bye will be on the road to play the Miami Dolphins, which is a very winnable football game. The NFL is five weeks in to the season and there are only two 5-0 football teams: the L.A. Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs! Oh, it’s so nice to see some new faces on top of the NFL, but it’s still too early! The Rams look the real deal, though, and the Chiefs’ defense scares me!

Playoff teams broomed

The MLB playoffs have eliminated the Cleveland Indians and the Colorado Rockies, who were both given the broom 3-0. The Houston Astros and Milwaukee Brewers provided the brooms. The Atlanta Braves managed to win one from the L.A. Dodgers, however, the Dodgers sent the Braves to the golf course. The only series left is the Yankees and the Red Sox. The Red Sox are up 2-1 and could have close out the Bronx Bombers after I filed this column.

Short takes: The Detroit Red Wings are still win-less, which is not good.

The NFL picks are next. I feel redhot, too.

Philadelphia – 3 over NY GIANTS
Arizona + 10.5 over MINNESOTA
L.A. Chargers -1 over CLEVELAND
WASHINGTON -1 over Carolina
N.Y JETS – 2.5 over Indianapolis
Pittsburgh + 2.5 over CINCINATTI
ATLANTA – 2.5 over Tampa Bay
OAKLAND + 3 over Seattle
HOUSTON – 6 over Buffalo
DENVER + 7 over L.A. Rams
Jacksonville – 3 over DALLAS
TENNESSEE + 3 over Baltimore
Kansas City + 3.5 over NEW ENGLAND

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