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It’s Denver and Seattle in New York for the Super Bowl on February 2. Denver put away the New England Patriots 26-16 to win the AFC Championship. The much-anticipated match up of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning was totally one sided. Peyton took control of this game throwing for 400 yards hitting 32 of 43 passes. All of his throws were right on the money with precise accuracy. Tom Brady, for the first time in a long time, was not sharp. He missed some wide-open throws which he rarely misses. I do want to say it’s amazing how a team like New England can make the AFC Championship game with all the injuries and no receivers. The “Hoodie” coach of the Patriots did his best job as coach of the Patriots, in my opinion. Tom Brady also did an awesome job for what he had to work with. The Patriots will be back next year and look for some up grades on offense.

Let’s get back to the Denver Broncos and Peyton. What Manning has accomplished two years from sitting out a whole season of football and four neck surgeries is amazing. He’s the ultimate professional and one of the best quarterbacks ever; top five ever, for sure. The question is, will Peyton win his second Super Bowl? He has won one and lost one so far. This is Peyton’s rubber match in the Super Bowl.

The Seattle Seahawks survived the red hot San Francisco Forty- Niners winning, 23-17. This game had a little bit of everything. There was smack talking, there was tough hard-hitting defense and numerous momentum swings along with huge plays.

The biggest thing this game had though was critical mistakes at critical times in the fourth quarter. Colin Kaepernick made the biggest ones. He threw two interceptions that were absolute killers. However, the Forty-Niners without Colin running on scrambles for huge gains would not have even been in this football game.

It came down to Richard Sherman’s huge play in the closing seconds breaking up a pass to Michael Crabtree. Sherman’s teammate picked it off and the Seahawks are heading to New Jersey.

My say on the Sherman post-game rant will be brief. He is a great player who can back up his mouth with his play. Hey, Sherman, keep your trap shut after the game and do all your talking between the chalk! One more thing on this subject. Hey, television people, quit jamming microphones in these players’ faces right after the games. It would solve everything.

There is a reason the NFL has a “cool down” period before the media can enter the locker room for post-game interviews. The stage is set and Denver has been installed as one-point favorite over Seattle. Las Vegas says it expects record numbers to be bet on this game. The sentimental choice will be Peyton and Denver. The Sherman rant will also cause the fence sitters to side with Denver.

I will release my pick next week and break down the football game. I am 8-2 in Super Bowls over my last 10. The only losses have been last year and the Pittsburgh and Arizona Super Bowl. If you want the winner, make sure you read this column next week

Bringing the ‘O’

New Orleans Saints quarterback coach Joe Lombardi will be the next Lions offensive coordinator. I like the pick. How can you not? He has coached Drew Brees and been around that high-flying Saints offense. Lombardi is the grandson of legend Vince Lombardi. I would say football is in his blood.

Sportscakes: Matthew Stafford needs a transfusion.

Send me your Super Bowl predictions. I would love to read them.

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