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The Lions game just went complete and, as usual, it ended up as another Detroit Lions loss on the road to the Green Bay Packers. Detroit played a decent game on the road. I thought the officiating was very one sided, to say the least. The Lions did not lose because of the officials though, so I want to make that clear. However, it is very hard to beat the opponent and the men in stripes. Green Bay received numerous calls that went its way and I will leave it at that.

One thing that concerns me is Mr. Stafford’s play on the road against teams with a winning record. I believe he is 0-16 if my numbers are right. Those are downright ugly numbers for number nine! He needs to play better!!

I have huge issues with the play calling of the offensive coordinator for Detroit. Mr. “We will never hoist the Lombardi in Detroit” with his play calling. I sat on my couch and could tell what would happen as soon as they lined up for the snap! Hey, Joe, find a way to get the ball to Calvin Johnson early and often. I wish you would run and pass by mixing it up. I am sick of two runs and a third-and-nine all the time.

Let’s end the regular season with this statement. The progress made by the Detroit Lions was significant here in 2014. The Jim Schwartz teams could not finish the deal last year and this team did. Jim Caldwell did a fine job in year one as the head coach and he should deserve props for what he did. There is room for much improvement, but the Lions are in the playoffs and that is one small step for fans and one small step for the Lions’ football team!

The early deadlines this week have forced me to write this before playoff times have been announced. The other problem is Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are still playing here on Sunday night.

Here is how everything lays out for the NFL Playoffs. The NFC has Arizona the No. 5 seed playing at the No. 4 seed Carolina in Carolina. The No. 6 seed Detroit travels to the Big D to play the No. 3-seeded Cowboys.

The AFC has the loser of Steelers and Bengals heading to Indianapolis.

The winner will host the Baltimore Ravens at home. The NFC No. 1 seed is Seattle and No. 2 the Green Bay Packers. The AFC No. 1 seed is the New England Patriots and the No. 2 seed is the Denver Broncos. Let’s get this playoff party rolling!

The Lions will hit the highway playing one of the hottest teams in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. Can the Lions defeat the Cowboys? I will be honest, they can, but it will be a difficult task. Tony Romo is playing the best he has in his career, I believe. DeMarco Murray is toting the rock and Dez Bryant and Jason Witten are tough to defend. The Lions’ offense should be able to move the ball on the Cowboy defense in my opinion. The Lions’ defense will be severely tested. I would love to predict a Lions win, but I just don’t see it to be honest. Fat Guy Prediction: Big D Texas: 33 and Little D in Detroit: 27. I so hope I am wrong!

My season record picking games ended up at 128-122-6 with this last game in doubt. I am pretty happy with finishing over the .500 mark. I think next year I will open up a contest to pick against the Fat Guy!

I want to wish the Michigan State Spartans good luck Thursday against the Baylor Bears! Bring home a victory on New Year’s Day. Happy New Year to all of you. I hope 2015 is your year. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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