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Taking the technology plunge



I ’ve desperately clung to my old cellphone these past few years. Even as the market became flooded with iPhones, Smartphones, Droids and Androids, I’ve hung on to ‘old reliable’ – a square little burgundy colored LG NV.

It wasn’t that I loved my phone, quite the contrary actually. It was clunky, slow, limited in what it could do and it had its share of issues – like shutting itself off for no apparent reason and butt dialing contacts at the slightest touch.

But even with its shortcomings and limitations I was comfortable with the phone. As people around me began to get the latest high-speed, 4G, touchscreen phones I stuck with ‘old reliable’ and resisted the urge to switch to something newer.

But last weekend I took the plunge and let go of my attachment to my phone when Anita and I went out and purchased new iPhones.

We weren’t in the store more than 10 minutes when the sales woman began to talk about finer points of the iPhone. We really didn’t need to be sold on the devices, we knew what we wanted, but when she started talking about insurance for the phone I had my concerns.

“These phones are often stolen and resold in blackmarket rings in Europe and other part of the world,” the woman explained. I immediately imagined a scene out of a Liam Neeson movie where he’s an assassin who tears Europe apart searching for his stolen cellphone.

“Nobody is taking my phone,” I countered. “We don’t need the insurance.”

So we got the phones and took them home. We had to buy protective covers to put them in because apparently iPhones break easily if you drop them. I didn’t want to pay the extra for the cover, but was convinced it was a good idea – recalling how many times I’d dropped ‘old reliable.’

Learning how these phones work is another experience by itself. This isn’t your daddy’s cellphone – it has every bell and whistle you can possibly imagine including a nifty personal assistant named Siri you can call upon to help you out. After I asked Siri to compose a text message and send it for me, I entertained myself for the better part of 30 minutes by asking Siri dumb questions, such as “where can I find the nearest ‘hootenany’ to which she referred me to a song on the Internet by that very name. So I asked Siri if she was anything like HAL, the homicidal (and musical) computer in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, to which she replied: “HAL had some defective programming, but he was a good singer.” I decided it was a good time to stop messing with Siri.

The phone camera was another interesting feature. I was pointing it around, pushed an icon on the touch screen and the view turned around so I was looking at my own face. Apparently THIS is how kids take those endless “selfies” and post them to the Internet.

Isn’t technology amazing? So I continue my education on the workings of the iPhone and I’ll probably do OK, but the hardest part is making the touchscreen work. With big fingers, I find it a struggle at times. Now give me an old fashioned rotary dial and then I’ll show you some moves.

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