Talks resume between Genesys, workers

— Talks between Teamster Local 332 and Genesys Regional Medical Center will continue this week as the two try to reach an agreement concerning the technical bargaining unit contract.

Last Tuesday marked the first time the two parities had returned to the bargaining table since Genesys issued their “last, best and final” contract offer on June 24.

Both the Teamsters and Genesys traveled to Troy after Federal Mediations and Conciliation Service (FMCS) recommended that the meetings on Sept. 7 and Sept. 8 take place at their office.

Following the Sept. 7 meeting, Bugbee released a statement saying “while talking is better than not talking, I am not optimistic at this juncture as we are not any closer to reaching a fair and reasonable agreement.” However, negotiations between the two picked-up again the following day where Bugbee said things were “slightly more positive” with respect to the dialogue occurring between the two parties.

Despite their all-day sessions both days last week, the Teamsters and Genesys were unsuccessful in coming to an agreement on the contract and agreed to resume talks today and tomorrow.

“The good news is we are going back at it and hopefully we can get this straightened out this round,” Bugbee said. “I don’t know if that is overly optimistic or not, but I am hopeful.”

If the two fail to come to an agreement this week, Bugbee said she is unsure of what will happen next.

“I don’t know what will happen if this doesn’t get straightened out on this go around,” Bugbee said. “It is too hard to determine because of all the unknown.”

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