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How predictable was that Lions’ road loss? I think as predictable as leaving a bag of M&Ms and thinking I won’t eat the whole bag!

One good thing is the Lions broke the road record of futility by losing 25 straight. Whose record did they break? Why their own, of course! Sad, sad, and more sad! How hard is it to win a lousy road game? The Buffalo Bills were winless on the season and Detroit couldn’t get a “W”. The Lions are so predictable on the road. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

The one play that upset me the most was the twopoint conversion attempt. Sean Hill just chucks the football into the bleachers. How dumb was that? How about scramble around and make a freaking play? It looked so much like a high school football play. The Lions will try to get a road win against the rejuvenated Dallas Cowboys. Chalk up another road loss for the meowing kittens of Detroit! The NFL season has been a wild one so far. I will say that. However, that is why we all love it!

No sale

The college football season is winding down and it will be a crazy carnival ride all the way to the finish. I mean Oregon almost loses to Cal. My beloved TCU Horned Frogs almost blow a huge lead to San Diego State. Auburn, swirling in controversy, wins a tough ball game against Georgia! How will the season end? And, who will play for the national title in January? I don’t have the answers, but my wish is for TCU and Oregon or TCU and Bosie State.

I am not buying the garbage that a SEC team needs to be in the title game. The SEC has as many horrendous football teams like every other conference. The SEC is not the power conference it used to be. I want the Spartans to finish out with two victories and go to a nice bowl game. Heck, maybe they’ll even win the Big Ten title. Can you say Spartys to the Rose Bowl? Oh, man, that brings back a long memory of the Spartans taking on USC and ex-Lion quarterback Rodney Peete. Late eighties I believe! Rich Rod and his sorry football team picked up a win in Purdue giving them seven on the season. Hopefully, Michigan can get invited to the Harts 2 in 1 Flea Collar Bowl. How exciting is that one, Michigan fans? Makes me want to scratch my fleas off my neck. Tickets will sell like hot cakes for Michigan’s bowl game. Yeah right. No thank you. I would go to the Spartys bowl game. It will be warm there and only if my Sparty friends invite me.

The doctor is in

Major League Baseball is handing out its awards this week. National League Cy Young winner is a no brainer with the Phillies Roy “Doc” Halladay. Roy has now won one in each league. The NL and AL Rookie of the Year award winners are Buster Posey, catcher of the San Francisco Giants and Neftali Feliz, the closer for the Texas Rangers. Austin

Jackson finished second to Feliz in the voting. Trivia time: Last Tiger to win rookie of the year? The answer is Sweet Lou Whittaker. It seems like yesterday Sweet Lou was doing his thing at second base and Trammell at shortstop. Both should be in the Hall of Fame, too!!

Marginally improved

The Pistons are playing a little better basketball of late after that disastrous start. It was surprising that they won out on the West Coast. Problem is, the teams they beat were awful and they got hammered by the Portland Trailblazers, the only team that was any good. They’re home to take on the L.A. Lakers Wednesday night.

Rollin’ on down the highway

The Red Wings have no problems as the Winged wheels just keep on rolling along.

My NFL picks hit a bumpy road last week along with my lock pick. Time to turn that around this week:

MIAMI – 1.5 over Chicago
PITTSBURGH – 7.5 over Oakland
Houston + 7 over NEW YORK JETS
Baltimore – 10 over CAROLINA
TENNESSEE – 7 over Washington
DALLAS – 6.5 over Detroit
Green Bay – 3 over MINNESOTA
CINCINNATI – 5.5 over Buffalo
JACKSONVILLE – 1 over Cleveland
KANSAS CITY – 8 over Arizona
NEW ORLEANS – 12 over Seattle
Atlanta – 3 over ST. LOUIS
SAN FRANCISCO – 3 over Tampa Bay
NEW ENGLAND – 3 over Indianapolis
PHILADELPHIA – 3 over New York Giants
SAN DIEGO – 10 over Denver
LAST WEEK: 5-9 SEASON: 72-64-8

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