Thank you for help after bicycle crash

I want to thank all the angels that came to my aid after I crashed my bicycle head-on into a telephone pole, two weeks ago on Davison Road. To the dashing gentleman with the white beard in the red pickup, it’s nice to know chivalry is not dead. To the ladies with all the children you had with you, who also turned around and came back to check to see if I was OK, you’re a wonderful example to your children.

To the off-duty policemen who stayed with me to make sure I was OK, if I were still young and beautiful, I would have fainted so you could give me CPR. I’m grateful to all of you. It all happened so fast, and with the traffic and it started getting dark out and there was no time to get names. But God knows who you are. You all have renewed my faith in humanity. Thank you all. Many blessings are coming your way. — Veronica Milich, Davison