Thanks, but no thanks

Board considering options after proposed Consumers Energy LED lighting upgrades

RICHFIELD TWP. — A few years the township offices benefited from a small lighting upgrade offer by Consumers Energy to save some energy.

Supervisor Joe Madore said at the Sept. 14 township board meeting that Consumers is again “dangling a carrot out there” with the offer of another cost-savings upgrade.

But this time, he said he’s not as inclined to take the utility provider up on its offer.

“The issue is its very expensive at $20,000 to upgrade the whole building,” said Madore. “They say we’ll make the money back (in savings) in three years, but I think that’s a little rosy.”

Madore said the board needs to look at other options, however, as lighting throughout the building is in need of some kind of upgrade and he said converting to LED lights would be preferred.

He praised Trustee Keith Pyles who recently donated $400 of his own money to improve lighting out behind the township offices, located at 5381 N. State Rd.

The donation will cover the installation of three light packs on the west side of the building, providing much needed lighting for the Richfield Township Police Department.

Madore said the $389.40 total, after rebate, was covered by Pyles as a gift to the township as he retires from his position as building official for the township.

“It’s more for the police department than anything else,” he said.

Pyles will continue to serve on the board of trustees.

Madore said the township will continue to look into options for upgrading the lighting at the township hall.