The 2017 road improvement map

FLINT TWP. — Winter is ending and the ground is thawing which means that road construction season is not far away. Two major projects in the township this year will include work on Court Street from Linden Road to the city limits and repaving Linden Road from Lennon to Calkins, Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said at a recent board meeting. The Linden Road project is federally funded and will be done at no cost to the township, she said. It is a $4.8 million project including $3,845,912 in federal transportation funds and $961,478 in local funds, according to the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commissions’ Transportation Improvement Program for 2017-2020.

Other TIP plans for 2017 include road reconstruction on I-69 from East of Ballenger Highway to West of Fenton Road. The estimated total project cost is $18,025,000 including $16,222,500 in federal transportation funds and $1,802,500 in state funds. Also, listed on the plan is a bridge restoration and rehabilitation project on I-69 eastbound and westbound over Hammerberg Road at an estimated cost of $4,454,159 including $4,008,743 in federal transportation fund, $389,738 in state funds, and $55,678 in local funds.

The Genesee County Road Commission has not yet published its 2017 road construction project list. But the township’s Road Advisory Committee has submitted to the Board of Trustees its list of 2017 Road Projects that includes Court Street.

Subject to township board approval this week, the township’s estimated cost to mill and pave Court Street is $208,721 to be paid for partially with road millage funds and partly from the General Fund. Estimates are provided by the road commission.

Other proposed projects using millage funding include milling and paving on Mt. Vernon Pass, Monticello Drive, Lindenwood Drive. Cora Drive, Curtis and Louis Drives, Post Drive and Ketzler Drive. Road millage funds also are proposed for ditching projects in the Bronx Subdivision, Utley Hills, Mackin Road east of Lavelle Road, Court Street and Woodkrest Drive.

Estimated costs for Curtis, Louis and Ketzler Drives is $94,891, subject to township board final approval. Paving on Ketzler north of Lennon Drive is estimated to cost $18,394.

Estimates for work on Monticello, Lindenwood and Mt. Vernon Pass is $94,891. Also$92,071 is slated for the work on Post Drive between Cabot Drive and Donal Drive. For the work on Cora Drive, the estimated cost is $67,136. Community Development Block Grant Funds are slated for repairs on Southgate Drive and River Forest Drive.

Linden Creek Parkway, Taft Drive and Mansour Drive are listed for milling and paving work using a combination of township general funds and partnership funding from other sources. As for other roads in the township that need attention, Miller also stated that the Road Commission sets its own budget and scheduling for road work. An example is the repaving project on Dutcher Road last year that took all summer.

Needed repairs on Dutcher were postponed as long as possible, Miller said. “That is unfortunate but we don’t have a say, as a township, on how the road commission spends their dollars.”

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