The baseball trade deadline yields wild results, an NFL camp update and more

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The Detroit Pistons on draft night were “Captain Obvious” when they selected Cade Cunningham as the No. 1-pick overall.

I thought to myself, if Troy Weaver, the general manager of the Pistons, whiffed on Cade he just might be unemployed. I don’t believe Cade to be a franchise savior in Detroit at all. What I do believe is that he was the best player in this year’s draft class.

Now, the Pistons have a nice young core of basketball players in which to build around. The playoffs have been pretty much an after-thought in Detroit. The Pistons were swept in 2016 and 2018 in the NBA Playoffs. Let’s all hope Cade Cunningham can change that in a Pistons uniform.

NFL training camp suffered its first quarterback injury in Indianapolis with Carson Wentz. Carson, who signed with the Colts after five years in Philadelphia, suffered a foot injury in practice. The foot injury will require surgery and Wentz will be out 5-12 weeks. That’s quite a large window for recovery, so it could be early September or late October before Wentz is on the football field. I find it odd that Wentz thought this could be an old high school football injury. The early return on investment by the Colts on Carson Wentz is money down the drain.

The Lions quarterback David Blough had an interest in the 400- meter hurdles in the Tokyo Olympics as his wife competed for Columbia. However, Melissa Gonzalez’s effort fell short as she failed to qualify. All in all, Lions training camp has been running smooth and no major issues or injuries as of yet.

I find it real hard to believe football season is creeping up on us quickly. I cannot wait, either! The fat guy football handicapping contest will be back on here in 2021. Stay tuned for details.

The baseball trade deadline was absolutely the wildest I have witnessed in baseball.

The Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals basically gutted their teams and unloaded numerous good players. The Cubs traded Kris Bryant to the San Francisco Giants and teammate Anthony Rizzo went to the New York Yankees. The Cubs closer Craig Kimbrel didn’t have to travel very far as he was traded across town to the Chicago White Sox. Did the Cubs have a fire house sale of players or what?

I think that move made by the Chicago White Sox was huge in their attempt to win a World Series. I like what the White Sox did at the deadline. We as Detroit fans know the importance of a good bullpen come October for playoff baseball.

The L.A. Dodgers won the Max Scherzer sweepstakes by out bidding rival San Diego. All the reports by experts had Max heading to San Diego to be a Padre. The Dodgers pulled a Lee Corso “Not so fast my friends” and made Max a L. A. Dodger. The rich get richer as they say. I cannot write about every deal made at the deadline but it was a fun day as a baseball fan to follow.

Is it really August already? I say where did summer go?

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