The Basketball League introduces Flint United

FLINT — From last second buzzer beaters, to trying to make the dance cam, to the heart-wrenching losses that create rivalries to last a lifetime. These are the moments that make sports and the communities the teams represent worthwhile.

Flint United is the new franchise coming to take the basketball world by storm! With this year being heavy on everyone, a new league brings excitement and a sense of unity to the city of Flint.

Team owner and proud Flint-native, Kevin Mays, a 2007 Carman-Ainsworth graduate and two-time NCAA All-American athlete, is thrilled to introduce this team to his hometown. Mays has heavy professional experience involving sports marketing and development amongst different organizations.

Flint United will serve as a vehicle to uplift its residents with all the hardships the city has encountered. With Mays’ passion for sports and love for his city, this new franchise is in perfect hands of someone who will lead the team to success. — G.G.