The “Darkest Day” is here

We’re used to this time of year providing us with those darkest days, thanks to the winter solstice. This year it truly has significant alternative meaning.

However, much like the influence of the solstice, there are now much brighter days ahead. We have turned the corner and more light (at the end of the tunnel) is visible, thanks to science and the cooperation of the vast majority of Americans.

As they rapidly (but cautiously) roll out the approved vaccines and therapeutics for SARSCoV 2 to the front lines and most vulnerable, the days will get even brighter. It is now expected that by sometime during April those caregivers at all levels, and the most at risk and vulnerable also, will have protection administered and available, and more vaccine and therapeutic suppliers will be approved and in full force of distribution for the rest of us to rid us of this incredible scourge on our country.

And that the summer solstice will bring full light and optimism back to people’s lives.

So, stay the course. Don’t let down your guard for a moment. That yearning to gather at Thanksgiving was a difficult time but the restraint by most enabled the future. Christmas will be even more challenging but the continued response of restraint to travel and gather will pay off in spades (and success).

Americans always seem to need rewards for their efforts or sacrifices, and they will certainly be there for this one!

So wear the masks, keep the distance, minimize travel, listen to your better senses (you surely know the safest paths by now) and allow the science and those brighter days ahead to bring back the freedoms and life styles that we long for. — Bud Meyers, Grand Blanc Township