The difference between men and women

Besides the obvious physical differences between the two sexes, I’ve noticed men and women are very much un-alike in the ways each conduct themselves socially.

Guys, in many ways, have a much more laid back approach to dealing with life’s little curve balls, while women are very adamant in taking care of a problem and addressing it efficiently.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat I will say not all men and women necessarily fit these stereotypes, but I’ve personally seen it enough to know it happens so I think I can safely say these examples are fairly typical male and female reactions.

The Bro Code — I’ve always found it interesting to see how men and women deal with confrontation. Two men have a problem with each other and they may complain, trash talk and even insult one another. But eventually they are either going to have it out — verbally or physically — and when its over they are either at least going to respect each other or, quite possibly, end up as friends. Women, on the other hand, will argue and fight in bitter feuds for long periods of time, never attempting to resolve their differences. I’ve seen women who have hated another woman for so many years they cannot even remember why the fight started in the first place.

Shop till you drop — Shopping is another area in which men and women differ in their approach. Granted, not all fit these generalizations, but many do. For women, shopping can be a fun activity — getting together with friends or family and spending a day out looking for bargains at their favorite stores. For men, shopping is sort of like going out to do the hunting and gathering. One of your two good pair of jeans gets a hole in them, you trudge into the store, find the exact pair of jeans you just tossed, maybe try them on to make sure that size still fits, pay for them and go home. It doesn’t require taking six friends along, lunch and a manicure to accomplish.

What to wear? — Getting ready for work in the mornings doesn’t have to be a fashion show. Women stress themselves out sometimes trying to select and coordinate the perfect wardrobe for the day. They frantically rummage through a closet full of clothes complaining they have nothing to wear, then they find what they want but maybe the pants need to be ironed, so then they take another 10 minutes ironing the pants to make them look just right. But when they are done and dressed, something doesn’t look quite right and they go back to the closet and start over again. For men, sure we have clothing meltdowns — usually when our favorite T-shirt is missing — but the solution to ironing is getting the garment wet and tossing it back in the dryer for a few minutes and it comes out with (most) wrinkles removed. My other pet peeve is almost anything goes well with jeans, so keep a couple good pair on hand.

So that’s just a few examples. I could go on and on but I’m limited by space. I’m probably also limited by how deep of a hole I’ve already dug for myself and how fast I can run once this column see the light of day.

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