The good ol’ days

One thing becoming quite clear as we forge on in 2020, is that nobody is ever likely to look back on this time as “the good ole days”. In fact, the idiom “caught with your pants down” is a more likely descriptor, providing additional connotation to “made in China”.

The hope is, that we aren’t so focused on putting the virus in our rear view, that we have a head on collision with it in a second wave. Dr. Fauci now says that a second wave is not inevitable, let’s hope that most people don’t relax too much on that view.

The reality is that this stuff is still very dangerous to both your health and finances, and even the data will be skewed. The numbers show that almost 80 percent of those who test positive are asymptomatic. As those (formerly untested) people show up in the workforce and are tested, the numbers of asymptomatic but infected can create the perception of “surge on its own” in the numbers.

What I find remarkable about Genesee County is how the people (remember we are rubbing shoulders with Oakland and Macomb), did such a great job of heeding the stay at home and self-protection orders and kept this absurd virus in check.

We have to be proud of our response to this thing and continue to keep our guard (pants ?) up as the new normal threats of travel, closeness in the work place, and those who don’t (for example) understand that things like those irritating “arrows” on the floor in business places greatly minimize face to face exposure, and actually keep you (annoyed but) safer.

We have to be proud that since around the middle of May we got a handle on this thing here, and there have been almost no days since when new infections in the County were above single digits. That’s quite remarkable in a County of over 400,000 people. This is a time to utilize what you have learned, what works, and hang on to those “drawers.” — Bud Meyers, Grand Blanc Township