The hands of time



A commemorative clock in front of the police station on Norko Drive is keeping time again thanks to the efforts of a township resident. Police Chief George Sippert recently acknowledged the service of Jerry Preston for volunteering to repair the clock, saving the township an estimated $600. It had been nearly a year since the clock stopped working, Chief Sippert said. It had been problematic before that — needing to constantly be reset and restarted — before it completely stopped working.

The most affordable repair company is located out of town and wanted a lot of money for parts and labor to come up to Flint Township to fix the clock, Chief Sippert said.

That’s when Preston stepped up to the challenge. He spent about four hours out there in December, standing on a step stool, while replacing the part, Chief Sippert said.

The clock was erected by the now defunct Flint Township Central Business Development Authority, according to a commemorative plaque attached to the base of the clock. It is dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 terrorist’s attacks. — Photo by Rhonda Sanders



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