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Christmas and Chanukah may be celebrated toward the end of the year, but at the annual New York Toy Fair, the season for thinking about toys begins in February. This popular convention unveils the industry’s hottest trends and toys, attracting more than 1,000 exhibitors.

The Toy Fair, and recommendations by toy and game industry experts around the world, like Dr. Toy and The Toy Insider, help cement which toys are likely to end up on kids’ holiday wish lists. For those shoppers who fell behind the curve and missed out on last year’s break out “Hatchimal” hit, the following figure to be the most coveted items for this year of giving.

• Lego Boost: Lego continues to reinvent itself, offering add-ons to its popular building brick model. Lego Boost takes advantage of the STEM trend by enabling children to build and code any of the five models of building sets. These include a cat, robot, guitar, rover, and building machine. Or, they can use the pieces to create their own designs. The models work with an app and can be coded to make different motions and sounds.

• Nerf N-Strike Elite: Nerf brand has been popular for decades, and the company continues to churn out popular items for boys and girls. The N-Strike Elite series has a number of incarnations to tempt sharpshooters. Nerf’s new AccuStrike line is designed to improve accuracy with specially crafted darts that sail straighter than the original darts.

• CollEGGtibles: Building upon the Hatchimal craze of last Christmas and early this year, Spin Master offers an addition to the very popular collectible toy niche. CollEGGtibles are much smaller than Hatchimals, but are equally fun. Smaller eggs hatch to reveal various colorful critters inside. Kids are apt to want to collect them all. • Pie Face Sky High: Hasbro keeps reinventing the Pie Face game, their runaway hit from 2016, which was awarded “Game of the Year” by the Toy Industry Association. In the Sky High version, one player hits a lever with a mallet, hoping to deliver their opponent a face full of pie cream.

These are just a handful of the industry favorites that could be the hot picks among children for holiday gifting this year. Also, keep an eye out for FisherPrice Movi, anything Star Wars, FurReal friends, Shopkins, and much more.

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