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This will be the new nickname of the Detroit Lions for the rest of this season. For three straight weeks the Kardiac Kids have come back in the fourth quarter to win football games. The 20-16 win over the Miami Dolphins was a tremendous home win over a very good Miami football team. Miami came into this contest on a roll winning three straight and looking for number four. Detroit held the Dolphins to 222 yards of total offense which is a super low number in today’s pass-happy NFL.

I really want to lift the term “Same Ole Lions” off of this football team. We, as Lions fans, have used the term often over the past four decades. I have also used the term many times in this column over the past decade of writing. All Lions fans need to pinch themselves and realize this football team is 7-2. Yes, 7-2, and in first place. Can the term “Same Ole Lions” return to this football team? H-E-double hockey sticks it will be if the Lions suffer another epic collapse like last season’s debacle of 1-7 in their last eight games. I would love to see the term of “Same Ole Lions” vacate all Lions’ fans vocabulary forever. Can that happen? Probably not! However, it would be nice not to use it again during this season.

I am getting a little annoyed with some fans who are still cynical of this team. What do I mean you ask? I have heard fans say that the Lions have been lucky to win these close games, or that the offense is not scoring a lot of points like they should be. I want to address those two statements, please.

The first one is that in the NFL the difference of making the playoffs and not making them are winning the four or five close games you will have in a 16-game schedule. How many years has Detroit lost these close football games in the waning minutes? The answer is numerous times! This season they are winning them, finally! Trust me, if Tom Brady had pulled out these three victories in a row the national media would be telling us how great the Patriots and Brady are at pulling games out. However, because of the history of the Lions, everyone is skeptical.

The next thing is the reason the offense is struggling is because of the injuries to all the Lions’ weapons. Calvin Johnson was out for a month. Three tight ends were gone for three weeks and Reggie “China Doll” Bush got hurt. The offense will be fine down the stretch here, trust me. The defense is ranked No. 1 in the NFL! Who would have ever thought that was possible in our lifetime as Lions fans? Not me!

All the Matty Stafford haters — and there are many of you out there. Mr. Stafford has played good football at quarterback. He is not making the bad throws and critical interceptions at crucial times. Matty has been above average here in 2014. Do you want Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Cam Newton, Derek Carr, or Kyle Orton?

My point is, there are a lot of bad quarterbacks on other teams’ rosters who stink. Lions’ fans better enjoy this ride because it’s going to be a good one. No negativity now and embrace this football team because it’s playoff bound in 2014. This game on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals will be the ultimate test. Arizona is 8-1 and a darned good football team with a stingy, tough defense. Detroit might even lose this game to be honest. However, if the Lions win, I bet the Lions bandwagon will be full of passengers! Come on, Detroit, get it done in the desert.

Not a chance

The Michigan State Spartans college playoff hopes are history after losing to the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday night. What happened to the Spartan defense?

It was just pitiful how OSU moved up and down on the field on Sparty! I really thought MSU would handle OSU and win that game!

Here are my NFL picks…
MIAMI -5 over Buffalo
CLEVELAND -3 over Houston
CHICAGO -3 over Minnesota
GREEN BAY -4.5 over Philadelphia
KANSAS CITY -1 over Seattle
Atlanta +1 over CAROLINA
N. ORLEANS -7 over Cincinnati
WASHINGTON-7 over Tampa Bay
ST. LOUIS +10 over Denver
S, Francisco -4.5 over NY GIANTS
Oakland +10 over SAN DIEGO
ARIZONA -1 over Detroit
INDIANAPOLIS-3 over New England
TENNESSEE -5 over Pittsb urgh
Last Week: 7-6; Season: 72-72-3
Best Bet: 5-3; Best Bet: New Orleans

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