The latest vanity plates from Michigan roads



Summer travel means seeing a lot more vanity license plates on cars and trucks, statewide. I’ve already encountered a few new ones, as have some of the readers who have generously shared them for this column.

Here’s a look at some of the recent vanity plates I’ve either collected from the road, or helpful readers who had something to contribute:

GR8GRMA – This reader told me this is his mother’s license plate and apparently she’s very proud of it. I would think being a great-grandmother is quite an accomplishment and something you would want to announce to the world.

PUDDEN – I saw this one the other day and it made me think of my daughter. When she was little, even a mention of the word “pudding” made her burst into laughter. My son and I would spend weekends purposely dropping the word “pudding” around the house just to make her chuckle. I haven’t tried this on her in some time, maybe I should give it a shot for old time’s sake.

L8RG8TR – Had to read this one over a couple times and then it clicked — Later Gator. Apparently someone who likes to speed. Thanks to my friend Dave for that one.

BLONDAY – Dave said he saw this one on a Ford Edge being driven by “what else, a blonde woman.” Well, we all have our “blonde days” – some more than others.

UR2CLS – Spotted again by Dave on a car exceeding 70 mph on the freeway. So I guess if “you are too close” the idea is to drive faster and leave everyone behind?

A reader named Peggy sent me these — GITTA JOB and DAL GAL. Peggy said the first one “rather stymied me — assuming, I guess, that all those in other cars did not work for a living.”

The other, DAL GAL, had other indications on the vehicle that the lady loved Dalmatians, said Peggy. I’m curious if she was possibly a firefighter, was married to a firefighter or was quite possibly Cruella DeVille. Hopefully she wasn’t out looking for another 101 Dalmatians.

THE REF – I think we saw this at a hockey arena. As if the black and white striped shirt isn’t enough of a giveaway, a license plate advertising he or she’s a referee is necessary? OK, we respect the authority Captain Obvious!

OCT 3183 – Someone born on Halloween in 1983 I’m guessing. Or maybe an anniversary of something else. I’m not sure, but it’s an interesting one.

8UALIVE – Got to watch out on the roads these days, not only for car-eating potholes, but apparently people-eating drivers. Reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit from the 1970s about the Land Shark.

SLIDER – The S in SLIDER is the S from the Michigan State plate. Saw this on a black Ford Mustang. I’m thinking this guy likes to slide in his car, maybe doing donuts in a parking lot somewhere, or that’s just his favorite snack.

14TONY – Not sure if this is in memory of someone named Tony or if the driver is Tony and his car is all for him.

OB NURSE – If she’s in a hurry on the road, she’s probably trying to get to the hospital to help deliver a baby – so maybe this plate should be on the front of her car some people can see her coming in their rearview mirror.

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