The Lions was robbed!

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Detroit has been one of the top cities known for crime and murder. One thing I know is that the crime of robbery was committed late Sunday afternoon and the Detroit Lions were the victims.

I know you all have heard of the term highway robbery. This was football and referees committing robbery when the Lions faced the Cowgirls of Dallas on Sunday.

The Lions, for all the bad luck bestowed upon this franchise over the last 50 years, did not deserve this one. A flag was thrown on a play for pass interference on Brandon Pettigrew in the fourth quarter. It was obvious watching it that it was pass interference; we all saw it clearly. The player defending Pettigrew never turned his head for the football to make a play on the ball. This is the number one thing called 100 percent of the time in the NFL. If a defender fails to turn his head to make a play on the ball, then it’s called pass interference, plain and simple!

The call was made and it was the right one. Then all of a sudden the striped clowns decided to make a mockery of the NFL and themselves and picked up the flag?!

“WhatinHEDoubleHockey Sticks just happened,” I screamed at the television in front of my household of guests. The language was strong and cannot be repeated in this article, that’s for sure. The people who know me can just imagine what I said. It was a profane tirade that belongs in the Hall of Fame for profanity!

I have watched the NFL for four decades and never saw a pass interference flag picked up — ever! The only time it gets picked up is if the ball is tipped by someone and that did not apply here. The picking up of the flag plays into the hearts of all the people who think the NFL is fixed. The NFL opened up that can of flags. Where was the flag when Dez Brayant ran onto the field with his helmet off is another question that has not been answered. It really fuels a fire when the head of the NFL officials back in August was caught on a Dallas Cowboys team party bus! That looks really good NFL!

I also hate the fact the NFL uses crews that have not worked as a unit all season long. The bottom line is the Lions laid it all out on the field and to have a call like that go against you is not fair. The whole country saw it and it was the talk of the country everywhere come Monday morning.

The NFL lost so much credibility with this whole debacle. However, I want to move past what I will forever refer to as “Flag Gate.” Jim Caldwell then was faced with a fourth-and-1 from the Dallas 42-yard line. Jimmy, you play to win the game on the road! Dallas had been kicking your tail the whole second half and the momentum was not on your side. Play to win the game! That’s my favorite Herman Edwards quote of all time. But Jimmy decides to punt and the punter launched a nice booming third grade kick of 10 yards! Nice choke job there Sam Martin, or should I say Steve Martin? Because that kick was one of comic proportions.

In the second half, the Lions played not to lose instead of playing to win. The play calling by Joe Lombardi stunk once again, in my opinion. I do want to say that with all that was wrong and with the bad calls Detroit deserved to win this game and should have.

Matthew Stafford had the ball with 2:32 left in the game. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and other top quarterbacks relish this moment to go down and win the game. It had the potential for No. 9 to establish himself as an elite quarterback. Stafford and the Lions failed to do it on the biggest stage, yet they did do it all season long. The season is over, and it hurts. But it was a good season for the Detroit Lions. What will next year bring? We’ll have to wait and see.

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