The NFL schedule arrives, a horse racing scandal and a look at Detroit sports



The NFL schedule will be released on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. (passed my deadline). I, for some strange reason, like watching the release of the NFL schedule. I love looking at the Monday Night Football schedule and Sunday Night Football schedule.

All of us NFL fans realize the Sunday night games carry the better matchups on the football field. The Monday night games are horrible as they jam the major media markets down our throats. I do not need to watch the Jets and Giants play twice a year on Monday Night Football!

The Lions fans will not have to worry about any prime time games here in 2021! Oh yes, wait! We will have to choke down turkey as we watch the Lions on Thanksgiving Day like we do every year. The 17 game schedule for our lovable losers the “Losing Lie Downs” will allow us to try to find the four or five games they will win next year. Yes, I have the biting kneecaps record at a paltry 4-13 or at best 5-12.

I hope the L.A. Rams receive some Monday and Sunday night primetime games as I want to watch Mr. Stafford lead the Rams to the Super Bowl! Yeah, I said it. I believe all the Stafford haters are going to realize the Lions were the problem and not him. I will be pulling for him too. Go Rams!

The Kentucky Derby horse Medina Spirit tested bad for an illegal drug called betamethasone. The drug was found in his system after the Kentucky Derby race. I know not all of you understand horse racing and how it works. When a horse wins a race they always have to have a pee sample taken and it is analyzed for illegal medications. If the test comes back clean you win the purse money. If the test comes back positive for illegal drugs you lose the purse money, and the horse that ran second is declared the winner.

The bad test for Medina Spirit could lead to the second place finisher, Mandloun, being declared the winner of the Kentucky Derby. I am pretty sure this is what will happen too. I want to say, trainer Bob Baffert is becoming the severe black eye to horse racing with his bad test results.

How about the fact Bob Baffert has been involved in five high profile drug investigations in the last two years. I know he appealed three of those and won, but I am not sure how he did that to be truthful. The fact Bob Baffert states he is a victim is laughable to me.

I say enough of that negative stuff. Let’s take a look at the Preakness to be run on Saturday.

It was decided they are going to let Medina Spirit run in the Preakness on Saturday under certain stipulations like blood testing, medical records etc. The Kentucky Derby favorite, Essential Quality, will not be running in the race and second place finisher, Mandloun, will also opt out of the Preakness. A horse that finished seventh in the Kentucky Derby, Keepmeinmind, I think will have a shot at winning on Saturday. A horse who did not run in the Kentucky Derby named RomBauer is another live horse to bet on. The owner had enough points to run in the Derby but choose to pass on the race. He wanted to concentrate on the Preakness and Belmont. Who is my winner on Saturday at the Preakness? I like Midnight Bourbon to come out on top and win the Preakness.

The Detroit Red Wings season is over and they finished tied for last in the Central Division with Columbus. I thought the improvement showed for Detroit and the hockey team is headed in the right direction.

The Pistons season cannot end soon enough as they are in serious tank mode.

The Tiger bats still have holes in the barrels too.

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