The only thing not weird in 2020 – the Lions lose

Fat Guy Corner



The NFL season opened up and my how the Detroit Lions lost to the Bears is comical and laughable as always.

We can all agree that 2020 has been one strange and weird year that’s almost unexplainable. What’s not strange or weird is the way the Lions finish football games and blow games in the fourth quarter. The game they lost on Sunday to the Bears is a Lions tradition. We always say Same Old Lions correct? Well, it was never more correct than Sunday. Let’s see, how can we blow a 23-6 lead and allow 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter?

Since the year 2006 only four teams have lost games with a more than 17 point lead into the fourth quarter. Detroit now owns two of those games and they did it in back to back seasons. If we all remember in 2019 the Lions blew an 18 point lead to the Arizona Cardinals and ended up in a tie.

I would love to stick the eraser end of that pencil where the sun don’t shine on “Pencil Head!” Matt Patricia, the Lions head coach, is the biggest buffoon on the sidelines in the NFL. The coach decides with four minutes left to try a Matt Prater 55-yard field goal with a 10 point lead. How stupid is this move? The odds of making it are not good, which is fact No. 1. The next fact is, if he makes the field goal, the game is still a two score game being a 13 point lead. The next, and most crucial fact, is a miss gives the football to the Bears at almost mid field.



The Bears, if the Lions made the right choice to punt, would have been forced to make a long drive for points and chew some clock.

I mean, this is pee wee football mentality coaching the Lions. I will argue a pee wee coach is smarter than the bearded blundering buffoon. How much more do we have to suffer with this team gagging huge leads or leads in the fourth quarter?

Matt Patricia should have been fired on Sunday night no questions asked. He is a clown and that’s a disrespecting statement to clowns. I cannot stand his lame and sorry post game speech either. It’s the same lame excuses. WE NEED TO COACH BETTER! Duh, you big bearded buffalo buffoon. Let me tell you, Detroit will be 0-4 headed to the bye week you can mark it down.

Man, how I wished there would have been fans at the game. The BOOS would have drowned out all noises and I would have been booing my Lions tail off! The Lions 2020 season is over after one football game — how sad is that? SAD SAD SAD is the answer. BOOOO!!!! The Lions will get routed at Lambeau on Sunday by the Green Bay Packers.

The U.S. Open is this weekend at Winged Foot Golf Course in New York. Who will win this major golf tournament?

The favorite of course will be the red hot Dustin Johnson. I feel he is playing the best golf of his career right now. The next in line to win are Jon Rahm and Justin Thomas. The fat guy selection is Xander Schauffele on a hunch. I love watching the U.S. Open because the golf course always plays tough.

The out pick the fat guy contest prize will be determined in next week’s article. I am leaning to a winner take all here in 2020. My picks were awful and not the way I wanted to start my season. I am last in every pool I joined pretty much. UGGGGHHHH….