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Angel Wings Prayer Shawl Ministry celebrates second year

At right, Helen Kovalcsik, from left, and Trudy Hofbauer. Above, Joanne Williamson, from left, Doris Reynolds and Betty Plourde.

At right, Helen Kovalcsik, from left, and Trudy Hofbauer. Above, Joanne Williamson, from left, Doris Reynolds and Betty Plourde.

SWARTZ CREEK — To help comfort those in need during tough times, a local group of women gather monthly to create prayer shawls. Known as the Angel Wings Prayer Shawl Ministry, the group marked its second year in the ministry in January.

The Angel Wings Prayer Shawl Ministry started when a St. Mary’s parishioner became aware of prayer shawls while spending time in northern Michigan said ministry member Sue Drummond. A prayer shawl is knitted or crocheted while praying for the health and healing of the recipient. The parishioner prayed, made and contributed some shawls to her summer parish. Later, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was comforted by receiving a beautiful shawl in the mail from her summer parish. The parishioner was so moved that she was resolved to form a prayer shawl ministry at her home parish — St. Mary’s Queen of Angels. The initial meeting was held January 2009.

Each shawl is truly a work of art, and crafted by one of the 40 members. Each member chooses her choice of pattern, yarn and colors. Drummond said that while the number of shawls created in the first year were not recorded, 942 shawls were crafted in 2010.



Prayer Shawl Ministry member Helen Kovalcsik, 90, made 101 of the shawls. Trudy Hofbauer, another member, made 95 shawls in 2010. While not all members make prayer shawls, Drummond said that some members of the ministry contribute by sewing in labels or delivering the completed shawls to those in the community.

“The shawls are given to those on the parish sick list, people known to members of the ministry, to those in care facilities, veterans hospitals and children in foster care,” Drummond said.

“There have been some reports of healing experienced by the recipients. There have been even more reports of people feeling loved and renewed in their ability to deal with life circumstances — a healing, too!”

Prayer Shawl Ministry members.

Prayer Shawl Ministry members.

Along with the prayer shawls, the ministry also made 43 chemo hats in 2010. The Angel Wings

Prayer Shawl Ministry meets twice a month on

Wednesdays from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. in the teen room at St. Mary Queen of Angels, 4413 Morrish

Rd. For more information on the ministry, contact Pat Paul at 810-732-6316.

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