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The World Series teams, as predicted by the Fat Guy, are the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals. The Royals are making back-toback World Series trips after losing in a great seven-game series to the San Francisco Giants in 2014.

The question then becomes, does the 2014 World Series loss provide the Royals with the hunger and desire to get the job done in 2015? How many times have we seen a team have to lose before they win a championship? The answer is, numerous.

How much does one factor in the World Series experience the Royals have?

When looking at the Mets you have to start with their awesome starting pitching. Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard will be awful tough on the Kansas City bats. As far as the bats, this Daniel Murphy from the Mets is in a zone like none other. He hits home runs faster than I polish off a dozen donuts with a large coffee. The health of Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is critical to the Mets’ chances in this World Series. I don’t believe his shoulder will be 100 percent for this series. That hurts the New York Mets really bad.

Let’s not forget the lights-out bullpen of the Kansas City Royals, either. The Royals basically play six- or seven-inning games. Who wins the 2015 World Series? The chicken drum stick roll, please…The Royals in six games!

Wings look good early on

The Detroit Red Wings are off to a decent start this hockey season. The play of Dylan Larkin, the young 19-year old center has been a great watch. The 15th pick of the first-round in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft is trying his best to stay on the roster.

We all know the Red Wings’ organization is not big on bringing up their young talent this young.

Pavel Datsyuk is skating and practicing with the hockey club, which is a great sign, because the Red Wings need him on the ice.

The goaltending duties have been split down the middle between Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek. Keep up the good work and Go, Wings, Go!

Too early to tell

The Detroit Pistons open up the season Tuesday night in Atlanta. The home opener is the next night against the Utah Jazz. I have no idea what to expect from Stan Van Gundy’s basketball team this year. I can only hope to see improvement and some competitive basketball by the Pistons. I will evaluate my thoughts next week. The passing of ex-Pistons head coach Flip Saunders is sad news. Flip did a good job with the Pistons when he was the coach. Flip leaves us at much too young of an age at 60. RIP, Flip!

Writing’s on the wall

The Lions finally do some house cleaning after Sunday’s pitiful and embarrassing loss to the Minnesota Vikings. The firing of offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi made my Monday. He stunk as a play caller, plain and simple. The offensive line coach Jeremiah Washburn also gets the boot! I mean, come on! The O-Line gave up seven sacks and let Stafford get hit 13 times for Pete’s sakes. Terry Heffernan, the offensive assistant coach, also is now unemployed. Will these firings do anything this season? Who knows. However, only half the problem has been solved. The other half is when we wave good bye to Jim Caldwell, the worst head coach in the NFL, in my opinion. I hated the hire from day one. He stunk as the Colts’ head coach and he stinks here, too. He stands for nothing as far as emotion, he can’t manage the clock, he makes up garbage excuses, et cetera. Please, Mrs. Ford, can him and make him unemployed like he should be! Man, I am sick and tired of the Detroit Lions week in and week out. Debacles!

Miami + 7.5 over NEW ENG.
Detroit + 6 over KAN.CITY
Minnesota – 2 over CHICAGO
NEW ORL. – 3 over NY Giants
ST. LOUIS – 8 over San Francisco
CLEVELAND + 5 over Arizona
Cincinnati – 2 over PITTS.
BALTIMORE – 2.5 over San Diego
HOUSTON – pk over Tennessee
OAKLAND + 2 over NY Jets
DALLAS + 6 over Seattle
Green Bay – 3 over DENVER
CAROLINA – 6 over Indianapolis
LAST WEEK:8-6 SEASON: 47-57-1
BEST BET: 3-4 BEST BET: Cincinnati

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