The Sound of Silence

The absence of enthusiasm about the “accomplishments” of the new administration is noticeable, and the silence is deafening.

First, the border surge. Biden stopped wall construction, revoked a detaining agreement with Mexico, and enticed illegals with promises of no deportations, free healthcare/childcare/housing, stimulus and unemployment benefits, and citizenship. And in March alone, during a pandemic,190,000 showed up, 10 percent testing positive for COVID. Should we naively assume there are no MS-13, murderers, sex predators, human traffickers, drug cartels, or terrorists hiding in that group?

The 31-page “Equality Act” allows males “identifying” as females to compete in female sports, enjoy access to female-only locker rooms, restrooms, and dressing rooms, and benefit from female-only government and business programs.

Next, the 5,593-page “COVID Relief.” 9 percent of the $1.9 trillion is actual COVID-related relief, the rest for pet projects, some in foreign countries, mismanaged blue states, and teachers’ unions.

And the 791-page “For the People” HR SR 1 claims that requiring photo I.D. and deleting the names of non-citizens and deceased and otherwise-relocated people from the voter rolls “restricts the right to vote” and constitutes “racial discrimination” and “systemic racism.” The Left lies about Georgia’s voter regulations on voter I.D., stating it’s an intrusion to expect a segment of society to procure I.D. while ignoring numerous everyday events requiring I.D., voting times and locations, and the bottled water controversy, and, with help from Cancel Culture and partisan activists, intimidates Woke corporations like Delta, Coca- Cola, and the MLB to mimic their lies in vague statements to punish those with whom they disagree. Research the voting regulations of Georgia and compare them to other states — Delaware, for starters. Very enlightening.

Coming attractions: An Infrastructure Bill assigning merely 5 percent to infrastructure; restricting our freedoms by demanding prohibitive vaccine passports; and gun control — the Democrats have been salivating over that one for years!

Would you like to hear Kildee, Stabenow, and Peters explain how these power grabs benefit America? Me too, but they won’t return my calls.

You owe it to yourself — especially if you were blindsided by the consequences of the election, which we predicted — to do your own fact-checking from various news sources to determine the truth.

If you allow the Left to silence us, cancel our rights and freedoms, and mandate allegiance, who will stop them when they come for you?

May God Bless, Help, and Save — with our help — America! — Theresa Weigand, Grand Blanc