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An analysis of my 2011 resolutions

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

I wrote a column about one year ago regarding my New Year’s Resolutions for 2011. In light of past years, when I haven’t exactly had a great success rate, I decided this year to look back at those resolutions and graded myself on how I did.

• I’m not going to take up smoking. Still going strong with this one. I haven’t smoked my entire life and I didn’t take it up during 2011. And I will say that while I sympathize with smokers who can no longer light up in bars and restaurants, it’s been pretty nice to go into these places and not have to smell the secondhand smoke — or come out smelling like it.

• Stop dwelling on the past — Still working on this one but I think I’ve made good strides. I have had a couple setbacks along the way, but with a new person there to share my life with it helps.

• Cut back on laundry — Still working to keep it under control. Adding more clothing to my wardrobe has helped make it so I’m not washing and re-wearing the same outfits constantly.

• Work on a better retirement plan — Retirement? What’s that? No progress here. Until the economy gets better, I don’t see it improving. Planning ahead is nice, but reality is right there in your face.

• Clean my house more often — I really haven’t made any ground here. It’s still a mess on a good day. Note to self: Keep on this one! And add your desk to this resolution, you haven’t seen the desktop in weeks.

• No more Mountain Dew — Last year I scoffed at even the idea, but I will admit to cutting back this past year. I know its better for me not to drink it so I now have it just a couple times a week.

• I will try to treat my cousin’s dog better — Ruby, my roommate/cousin’s

Doberman-hound-thingy, was the subject of a resolution last year. I resolved to stop telling her we’d voted her out of the house, that

I’d stop leaving her outside in the cold and laughing at her when she begged to come in and I said I would stop giving her obscene gestures when she barks at me. OK, none of this has happened. Ruby and I still have a love-hate relationship — we love to hate each other and it wouldn’t work any other way.

• Stop subjecting readers to my sense of humor — I’ve decided laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you. Whether you find my sense of humor funny, silly or annoying I’m still going to put it out there because its me. So you can laugh with me or laugh at me, I don’t care which. Just enjoy life.

So overall I would give myself a pretty low grade on living up to this past year’s resolutions. But I look at these resolutions as being evolving and flexible. Some have worked out, others have had different outcomes.

For 2012 I just resolve to enjoy life — my kids, my family, my girlfriend Anita and yes, even Ruby. Because, as many of us know, life is too short to let it pass us by.

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