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It ain’t easy being a superhero

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

I was all geared up to watch the superhero movies hitting the theaters this summer, but what I didn’t know is I didn’t have to go to the theater to check out the likes of The Avengers, The Dark Knight or Spiderman — I just needed to put in a call to the Michigan Protectors.

Of course, I’m still trying to figure out if they have a hotline with a flashing red phone or if it’s a big spotlight with the symbol of a ‘P’ projected up into the clouds.

Turns out its neither — they have a website. In your face Batman! Commissioner Gordon couldn’t Tweet you back in the day Caped Crusader, or ‘like’ your status on Facebook. But you can if you want the help of the Michigan Protectors.

These real-life “superheros” gained local attention a couple weeks ago after one of their own — a masked crimefighter by the name of Bee Sting — tried to stop a loud motorcycle in the Twin Meadows mobile home park in Burton.

It seems when asking the fine chap riding the bike to keep the noise down didn’t work for Bee Sting, he decided to teach the guy a little respect and a scuffle ensued. When the motorcycle rider started getting the better of the masked avenger, Bee Sting did what any good superhero would do — according to police he pulled out a shotgun from under his jacket and started shooting up the place.

Should Bee Sting have like a dart gun or a laser or something a little more impressive than a shotgun? I mean, he is a “superhero” right?

I wanted to be a superhero too … when I was five.

If you check out the Michigan Protectors website, you’ll see Bee Sting has his own superhero team — like The Avengers.

There’s the Animal (he looks like a ninja in blue and black); Venge (another hooded ninja type, very scary); the Sentinel (he looks like a riot control police officer who should be out pepper spraying Occupy protesters); Petosky Batman (not sure why Petosky needs a superhero, maybe to keep out-of-control tourists in check?); Red Jacket (a kid in a red hoodie, he’d last 30 seconds in Flint); and the Void (says he’s into martial arts, fencing and, no joke, psychology).

So sarcasm aside, Bee Sting, who’s secret identity is Adam

Besso, a 36-year-old Sterling

Heights man, fired off a shotgun during a melee with a guy who, by all accounts so far, is guilty of nothing more than annoying people with his loud bike. Regardless of what he did, when guys like Besso take the law into their own hands its illegal.

The Protectors say they just help with Neighborhood Watches and they inform the public about crime prevention. But obviously, in this case, one of their members allegedly went too far.

If people want to make a stand against crime, then form your own neighborhood watch and call the police when you see something suspicious. Have a loud motorcycle in your neighborhood? File a noise complaint. With all the problems in the Flint area already with crime and shootings, we don’t need superhero wannabees in body armor, carrying real firearms, swords, knives or flamethrowers to “protect” us.

Let the police do their jobs and save the superhero business for comic books, movies and TV where it belongs.

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