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More vanity plates mean lots more fun

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

It used to take me a few months to round up enough vanity plates to write about in this space. But now I have friends and family who have been helping me track down the funny and strange plates out there, so to all of you thanks!

Here’s my latest offering of vanity plates and my thoughts on them:

FASHO1 — Took me awhile to figure this one out after seeing it slapped on the back end of a silver Magnum. The owner even changed out the “Magnum” name on the truck lid for one that said “Fasho.” I thought at first they were somehow in the fashion industry or the car was some sort of “show” vehicle — until I realized it simply means “for sure.”

WRKHARD — Tagged to a Dodge Viper, it wasn’t hard to figure out what the owner of this muscle/sports car was telling people. Want a car like this one, you need to “work hard.” Funny, I work hard and I don’t have a Viper. I consider myself just lucky to have a car with a working stereo in it.

WANABH2 — Many people aspire to be something they are not. The saying is ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’ Well in this case of SUV-envy a little Hummer wants to be a Hummer H2. Awww! How cute.

IAMB4U — This plate was noticed by a co-worker on I-69 in Genesee County just as the driver cut her off and drove on. Apparently he or she really did mean what the plate said. This is not just a vanity plate — but it can also serve as a road hazard sign.

NOTACLU — Yeah, this one was so easy to figure out I actually did have a clue.

LOVIN80 — On what I presume to be a 1980 Corvette. It also sounds like a CD you can pick up filled with all the ’80s music you can’t get enough of. Remember the ’80s? Yes, I know, some of us are still trying to forget.

VANNAH1 — A Wheel of Fortune fan? If it’s

Vannah White herself, I’m using this plate as a warning to stay away on the road, after she revealed recently in an interview that she and Wheel host Pat Sajak were usually drunk when they did the show.

EXQQSME — Excuse me, but this person just found a way to probably use two of the least used vanity plate letters (Q and X). Sounds like the letters I usually have left at the end of a hard-fought game of Scrabble. Just needtoworkaZintherenow.

10GKIDS — An impressive number of grandchildren and even better, this grandma can enjoy them all she wants before sending them back to mom and dad when they start getting too rambunctious.

BOOOSHA — I wasn’t sure what this meant, but a check of the Urban Dictionary online gave me a couple of interesting definitions. Boosha is defined there as meaning “to talk a lot of (let’s just call it smack).” It is also defined as another term for marijuana. Well, I think that is all a bunch of “boosha” if you ask me.

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