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Boats’ names are as fun as vanity tags

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

I recently spent a week on the west side of the state and enjoyed some needed down time along Lake Michigan to relax.

But I couldn’t completely relax, I stayed on the lookout for vanity plates as usual. While I found a few to add to my ongoing list of funny license plates, I also stumbled across something just as amusing — boat names.

Strolling along the Marina in Grand Haven, Anita was actually the one who pointed out some of the fun names people use to add that touch of flavor to their boats. So we took a few minutes and wrote down all the amusing names we could find.

NAUTI LADY — Boat owners, I discovered, love playing with words, more so than people with vanity plates on their cars. Apparently when a “naughty” lady is in the water, it takes on the whole nautical theme (hence the word nauti). If there was confusion about the boat’s gender, I suppose NOTA LADY would have been more appropriate.

CITY FISH — Self humor, perhaps. Kind of like a fish out of water, the city slicker with his fancy boat who takes it out on weekends to do a little fishing? A cute moniker for a boat, but not a first choice for me.

KNOT HOME — This one was cute. If you own a boat you need to know how to tie a knot, right? Again with the nautical humor. I suppose if the boat were owned by someone with a sinus problem, they could have named it SNOT HOME. I know, that was bad.

REEL ACTION — Fishing humor. Saw plenty of fishing charter boats in Grand Haven, this was just one of them. Saw other boats with references to hooks and lines, but oddly no one wanted to use a fishing reference to sinkers. Hmmm.

SHE RRROCKS — Deciding if this is someone with a speech impediment or if the owner was trying to describe the sound the engine of his boat makes when it rrruns.

LIVING LARGE — This boat owner was definitely ‘living large.’ This was on a huge white yacht complete with a television below deck and plenty of other amenities. I had to take a picture of this one and texted it to my daughter with a caption asking if she liked MY new boat.

Her text reply was: “Is that really your boat?” I could already see visions of boat parties and diving into the lake from the deck running through her head, so I had to let her down gently: “Just kidding.”

My two minutes as the coolest dad ever abruptly came to an end.

THUNDERDUCK — Sounds like a James Bond movie starring Daffy Duck, or a parody of an AC/DC song.

IT IL DO — It was a nice boat and yes, it would do nicely.

Just about any boat would have done after watching them come and go from the marina all week. Any of these fine seagoing vessels probably would have restored my brief “Best Dad Ever” status and would have appeased the calling of the sea I heard all last week.

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